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Johnnies Liberty - EXPO

Job Details

Johnnie's Jazz Bar & Grille - Liberty, MO
Part Time


All applicants must be at least eighteen years old at the time of hire.

We are looking for a competent Food expeditor to help keep a smooth workflow between the kitchen and the tables. You will work in a fast-paced environment to get proper orders out faster and more efficiently.
As a food expeditor, you must have excellent communication skills and experience in a restaurant’s hectic setting. You must have enough stamina to be in constant motion and skills to coordinate and organize processes and people.

Prior experience in a related position is an advantage.

Featuring LIVE MUSIC! Full Dining Menu, and full vintage "cool cat" bar! Come join the hippest new team in Liberty!

Johnnie’s Jazz Bar & Grille is dedicated to Johnnie Genevieve (Miller) Bills, a piano player for the silent movies at the very first B&B Theatres in 1924. Johnnie’s original piano has been restored and is sitting on our stage. Johnnie (so named, by the way, since her father had selected Johnny as a boy’s name, expecting his third child might break the tradition of daughters) was playing at The Lyric theater in Salisbury, Missouri when Elmer Bills bought the location in 1924. Smitten by her natural charm, love of life, and youthful exuberance, Elmer fell in love and the two married a few years later. Their son Elmer Bills, Jr. would join forces with Sterling Bagby to formally create B&B Theatres. Johnnie would work at the theater her whole life, selling tickets and making friends with all who came to enjoy the magic of the movies. She was the life of every party and was beloved by everyone she encountered. A prodigious bridge player who loved a good bourbon, Johnnie lived the life she wanted and enjoyed every second. Our diverse selection of signature bourbons is a tribute to Johnnie, and we invite you to try one (or three) as you enjoy some live music, great food, and time with good friends. So tune-up that old piano, deal the cards, and raise a glass to Johnnie.


Job Description

All applicants must be at least eighteen years old at the time of hire.

If you possess the below qualities come join our team!

  • Ensure the efficient flow of orders from the waiters to the kitchen
  • Ensure orders are being prepared with the correct priority
  • Assist in the final preparation of dishes
  • Check dishes before delivery for accuracy, presentation, and temperature
  • Deliver orders to maintain fast service
  • Eliminate obstacles in service, food preparation lines, or dishwashing
  • Inspect the premises according to quality and sanitation standards and assist in cleaning
  • Transfer important information between the kitchen and the wait staff (e.g. when a customer has a particular request)
  • Handle complaints from clients to preserve the restaurant’s reputation
  • Support other tasks as needed (e.g. telephone orders)


  • Proven experience as food expeditor or other restaurant position preferred
  • Understanding of health and safety rules in a restaurant
  • Dexterity in using kitchen equipment or utensils and carry heavy trays
  • Well-organized and able to lead and direct people
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Outstanding coordination and multi-tasking abilities
  • A customer-oriented approach
  • Great physical endurance
  • Food handling certification may be required according to legal regulations