Special Education Clerk
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SMCA - Los Angeles, CA
Full Time
$19.00 Hourly

Job Description: Special Education Clerk

Reporting to:  Special Ed Site Admin and/or Principal



Bright Star Schools is a free, publicly funded and open enrollment non-profit organization with nine public charters in urban Los Angeles. Across all of our Bright Star sites, over 90% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. 


Our mission is to provide holistic, inclusive support for all students to achieve academic excellence and grow their unique talents so that they find joy in higher education, career, and life. Bright Star students will become leaders who act with integrity and champion equity to enrich our communities and the world. The framework to our success is our core operating principles, which are Integridad, Ubuntu, Kohyang (고향), and Growth. 


Our educators join a family that is passionate and committed to developing all students to become well-rounded citizens. We offer small class sizes, comprehensive teacher support, and numerous collaboration opportunities across the organization and within school sites. We strongly believe in teacher voice, and we work to increase teaching practice and effectiveness through our data-driven and feedback-derived professional development.  




Job Description: This Special Education Clerk will primarily support Resource Specialist Teachers (or Inclusion Specialist Teachers) with compliance related duties, parent communication and case management as it relates to scheduling meetings, tracking timelines, and maintaining records of students with disabilities. 


Clerical Duties Under Direction of School Administrator to Support Special Education and Section 504 include, but are not limited to the following: 

  •  Entering and maintaining accurate Welligent data for students regarding special education and Section 504 (Welligent transfer requests, student additions and exits)

  • Informing appropriate school staff of referrals for special education assessment and providing an assessment plan or written response within 15 days of receipt of such requests

  •   Informing appropriate school staff of referrals for Section 504 evaluations and providing a written response to the request by sending a Section 504 Request for Evaluation and Consent form or Denial of Request for Section 504 Evaluation form within a reasonable period 

  •  Documenting and maintaining a school calendar of IEP and Section 504 team meetings in the Welligent system as well as additional school Google calendar system  

  • Providing copies of the Welligent IEP, special education, and Section 504 plan documents to parents

  •  Providing notification of the availability of the Welligent IEP to all school staff responsible for implementing the IEP, including related services staff

  •  Providing notification of the availability of the Welligent Section 504 plan to all school staff responsible for implementation, Section 504 Designees, and Case Managers

  •   Documenting all special education and Section 504 referrals in the appropriate Welligent program, and tracking all timeline responsibilities related to special education assessment plan development, assessment, IEP team meetings, annual and triennial reviews

  • Creating IEP and Section 504 meeting notification forms in the Welligent System and ensuring that appropriate participants are notified of upcoming IEP and Section 504 team meetings

  •  Reminding all team members of scheduled meetings, including location, date, and time, one to two days prior to the meeting, and documenting attempts to encourage parents to attend and participate in the IEP and Section 504 team meetings

  •  Downloading correct forms, calculating and documenting that special education activities are completed within legal timelines (15 days to provide a special education assessment plan following receipt of written request and 60 days to convene an IEP team meeting following receipt of signed special education assessment plan), contacting parents and/or staff to ensure that preparatory activities are completed within timelines, and arranging interpreter services, as appropriate, for IEP and Section 504 team meetings

  •  Maintaining required special education documents in the special education green folders, Section 504 plan documents in Welligent and designated Section 504 folder as part of student cumulative records;

  •  Verifying that all IEPs and Section 504 plans are in the Welligent System

  •  Reminding Admin to review and lock IEPs and Section 504 plans in the Welligent System at the end of IEP and Section 504 team meetings

  •  Maintaining logs of completed written translations of IEP and Section 504 related documents

  • Maintaining student  records of original IEP or 504 plan  documents signed by parents or legal guardians

  •  Responding to requests for pupil records within 5 business days pursuant to California Education Code Section 49065 and 56504. Upon receipt of records request by parent of student with or suspected of having disability at a school site, school will route request as outlined in BUL-5526.6 and immediately forward to the Custodian of Records (see “Assistance” section for more information)

  •  Accessing and reviewing IEP Master Calendar Report, IEP 200, Overdue and Upcoming Initials and Re-Evaluations, and all other special education Welligent reports

  •  Accessing all Section 504 Reports in the Welligent System

  •  Notifying the principal or designee when there is a problem in the IEP or Section 504 process, such as obtaining appropriate forms, completed documents, or records

  •  Maintaining an adequate supply of current special education and Section 504 pamphlets and brochures (see “List of Supplementary Special Education and Section 504 Documents” below)

  • Operate equipment such as copy machines, computers and audiovisual equipment

  •  Performing related duties as assigned




  • Bachelor’s Degree strongly preferred

  •  Bilingual in Spanish strongly preferred

  • Experience working with students with special needs strongly preferred

  • Desire to pursue a career in Special Education preferred



  • Must be organized, independent and self-motivated, enthusiastic, dependable, detail-oriented and flexible in scheduling and prioritization, and driven by excellence

  • Must possess great communication skills to present facts and recommendations effectively in oral and written form, including accurate grammar and business correspondence knowledge

  • Must possess Interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective relationships, demonstrated ability to communicate in situations requiring tact and poise; skilled in confidentiality and discretion.

  • Must present a neat, professional appearance

  • Must possess growth mindset and belief that all students can learn 

  • Must be able to adjust tasks and focus with composure, and in accordance with changing deadlines


LOCATION: Stella Middle Charter Academy



Salary:     Based on experience, starting at $19

Status:      Full-Time

Benefits: For full-time employees – Health, dental, vision, retirement matching, life insurance, short-term disability, optional 403b plan, sick and vacation paid time off, and holidays. 

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