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Program Services Application

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Program Services - Akron, OH
Part Time
Nonprofit - Social Services


Weaver provides program services to adults with disabilities (ages 18+) who require assistance to obtain and maintain employment. Our program services are available to those individuals that have been deemed eligible to receive services by the county board in their home community. Our funding is provided by Medicaid (Level 1, IO Waiver) and local funding sources (county board). We do not charge fees for our program services. At this time, our only source of referrals is local county boards.


All of our program services are person-centered and individualized for your needs. We operate four distinct business divisions in several locations throughout Summit, Stark, Medina and Portage Counties. Work hours occur Monday – Friday, with shifts that vary according to the specific work location. All of our program services are provided directly by certified members of Weaver Industries staff.


Organizational Employment Services

Weaver’s Organizational Employment Services provides a structured and supportive work environment for people with significant disabilities and multiple barriers to employment. Through this service, employees can build a solid work history while reinforcing positive work skills, attitudes and behaviors. They are provided the opportunity to enhance personal and social development as they continue to work toward obtaining a higher level of vocational functioning or competitive employment in the community. Organizational Employment Services are provided at integrated, facility-based Weaver Industries’ locations that also employ typical peers (persons without disabilities).


Supported Employment Services

Weaver’s Supported Employment Services are provided in small workgroups (which may or may not be mobile), that are supported by a supervisor and may be at one or more locations within the community. Supported Employment Services are designed to develop appropriate work skills and habits, such as taking direction from supervisors and working both independently and within a team, and provide the client opportunities for interaction with both coworkers and the community-at-large. Supported Employment Services are provided through Weaver Industries-operated business divisions.

Community Group Employment

Weaver Industries works with area businesses to provide Community Group Employment in integrated community work settings. At host businesses’ locations, clients are employed to perform tasks that are the same, or similar to, the host businesses’ employees. In Community Group Employment, clients work as a team at a single work site where initial training, supervision and ongoing support are provided by an on-site supervisor. As clients learn to handle increased levels of responsibility, the level of direct supervisor support fades accordingly.


Job Development Services

Weaver’s Job Development Services are designed to assist current Weaver Industries’ employees who have expressed an interest in gaining competitive integrated employment reach this goal. Job Development Services are tailored to each employee’s interests, preferences, and abilities. Weaver Industries will leverage its relationships with customers, vendors and community connections to assist the employee in attaining his/her goal of competitive integrated employment.


Transportation Services

Weaver operates a fleet of multi-passenger vehicles to provide its employee's transportation to and from their worksites. Weaver’s Transportation Services are built on the foundation of on-time service and a rotating fleet of current vehicles for rider comfort and improved reliability.