Service Coordinator - Sumby Senior Housing
Job Details
Sumby Senior Housing - River Rouge, MI
Full Time
Nonprofit - Social Services


The service coordinator assumes responsibility for the service management function within assigned properties. This function includes development of contact with service providers, educating residents of resource availability, and monitoring provisions of services. The service coordinator works in conjunction with the Community Administrator and other management staff of the facility.



General Operations:

  • Assists and advises residents and families of the services which may be necessary to maintain a self-reliant lifestyle;
  • Promotes wellness activities for all residents;
  • Educates residents, families, and staff on available community resources;
  • Assists residents in building informal support networks among themselves and with family members;
  • Acts as a liaison between community agencies, service providers, and residents;
  • Works as a team member with facility manager and other housing management staff in serving residents/clients;
  • Encourages residents to be proactive in meeting their social, psychological, and physical needs;
  • Facilitates meeting of needs when necessary, but avoids the creation of unhealthy dependence;
  • May assist residents or coordinate training for residents in understanding lease and tenancy obligations; and
  • Does not perform any duties or functions that are duly assigned to management or are associated with management responsibilities.


Specific Operations:

  • Monitors the delivery of services to residents to ensure they are appropriate, timely, and satisfactory;
  • Performs service management function for all residents needing assistance;
  • Provides limited case management (i.e., evaluation of social, psychological and physical needs and the development of a service plan) for a resident when such service is not being provided by the general service community;
  • Educates residents on service availability, application procedures, residents rights, etc. both individually and as a group;
  • Reports all suspected abuse situations to the appropriate agency;
  • Sets up volunteer support programs with service organizations in the community;
  • Advocates and may negotiate on behalf of residents for adequate, timely and cost effective provision of services;
  • Meets with service providers as needed and appropriate;
  • Assembles a directory of community services and makes it available to residents, families, and management; and
  • Assembles a directory of community services and makes it available to residents, families, and caregivers;
  • Assists management in identifying residents who need assistance.



  • Documents contact with residents, providers, and families;
  • Maintains individual files on residents which are kept in a secure area to insure confidentiality;
  • Completes reports with copies given to Community Administrator, Quality Assurance Administrator, and government agency (where applicable) in an accurate and timely manner or according to governing regulations;
  • Pursues avenues for additional services through private local, state, and federal sources; and
  • Creates service management plan as appropriate.