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Director, Functional Family Therapy - Adult Program

Job Details

Full Time
Graduate Degree
$88,000.00 - $93,000.00 Salary/year
Day Shift
Nonprofit - Social Services



RiseBoro’s Functional Family Therapy- Adult program is a therapeutic model that operates within its Clinical Services unit and is a strength-based, evidence-informed, culturally responsive intervention program that, at its core, aims to reduce community and interpersonal violence by engaging people in a change process that nurtures hope and strengthens relationships. Specific attention is paid to interfamilial and extra-familial factors, and how they present within and influence therapeutic processes. The Functional Family Therapy- Adult (FFT-A) Director will be accountable for providing day-to-day support, leadership, and general supervision to Therapists and Case Managers. The FFT Director is responsible for maintaining adherence to the Functional Family Therapy - Adult model.  FFT-A works with youth between the ages of 22 to 27 who have been referred by the criminal legal system and community-based organizations. The Director will effectively lead, supervise, and support a trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and linguistically appropriate community-based recidivism prevention program that focuses on providing counseling and clinical interventions to young adults and families. The Director will assist in the overall functioning of the program with the goal of reducing the number of young adults engaged in the criminal legal system. Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Daily oversight and compliance of the FFT-A program
  • Manage clinical core competencies and delegate responsibilities involved in day-to-day FFT-A program operations to allow for efficient and streamlined programming
  • Establish, practice, and encourage office norms i.e., use of calendars, checking email, etc.
  • Assign cases to Therapists and Case Managers
  • Monitor, review, and approve all written work produced by FFT-A staff, maintaining compliance with contractual regulations
  • Ensure that staff maintain records of all clients and family contacts
  • Ensure that staff enter all progress notes and other case information in the web-based monitoring system
  • Ensure all counseling sessions, coaching sessions, case notes, and documentation are completed on time and in compliance with the FFT-A model and funding source requirements
  • Ensure confidentiality and HIPAA compliance of FFT-A clinical files and information sharing
  • Schedule and ensure staff adhere to FFT-A and ART consultation requirements; participate in consultations
  • Schedule home visits in an effective manner and review the team’s weekly itineraries
  • Monitor participant feedback on therapeutic impact, progress, and alliance
  • Support staff in the utilization of Session Planning Guides and Case Plans
  • Provide ongoing coaching and feedback to FFT-A Therapists and Case Managers
  • Facilitate communication between Therapists and Case Managers through weekly one-on-one supervision with each staff member and hosting weekly team meetings
  • Remain up to date on case history and progress of cases to be able to provide adequate supervision on casework practice
  • Communicate regularly with staff and troubleshoot issues related to casework with the help of the Director of Clinical Services when needed
  • Appropriately follow incident reporting procedures
  • Ensure data entry meets contractual requirements
  • Establish and maintain safety procedures and proactively address potential risk management exposures
  • Ensure appropriate certifications, licensing, and educational requirements are maintained in compliance with applicable regulatory and FFT-A standards and provide professional growth opportunities for staff
  • Collaborate with the Director of Clinical Services to ensure that all staff training needs are continually met; ensure quality professional development of Therapists and Case Managers
  • Provide ongoing FFT model training coaching to support effective implementation and ensure timely completion of certification
  • Ensure operational, administrative, and reporting compliance
  • Monitor and approve expenses and ensure timely submissions of expense requests
  • Create and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external partners
  • Participate in related board functions including submission of Board reports and presentations, as requested
  • Remain up-to-date on case history and progress of cases to be able to provide adequate supervision on casework practice
  • Attend internal and external training i.e., conferences, asynchronous, and synchronous sessions
  • Attend interagency meetings, as needed
  • Represent FFT-A programs at community functions, doing presentations for community outreach, as requested by community partners

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Hiring, supervision, training, and evaluation of FFT-A staff; ensuring the program is adequately staffed at all times 
  • Ensure the team’s adherence to, and fidelity of, the FFT-A model Facilitate individual and team supervision with the FFT-A therapists
  • Manage and delegate responsibilities involved in day-to-day FFT-A program operations to allow for efficient and streamlined programming
  • Assess and arrange for meeting the training needs of FFT-A staff; collaborate with the Director of Clinical Services to ensure that all staff training needs are continually met
  • Prepare, review, and/or approve FFT-A staff timesheets on a bi-weekly basis and submit them to the payroll department for processing; maintaining all personnel and program records 
  • Other related duties and responsibilities as assigned


  • Timeliness and responsiveness to key stakeholders, director, and director reports
  • Ability to teach professional development fundamentals to staff
  • Maintenance of a growth mindset in a fast-paced environment
  • Capacity to ground themselves in the FFT-A principles and Key Performance Indicators
  • Aptitude to carry FFT-A knowledge into clinical supervision to build therapist adherence
  • Close attention to detail, responsibility, and dependability in data reporting to external and internal database platforms
  • Capacity to multi-task, engage in follow-up with tasks delegated, and follow through with strategic plans
  • Aptitude to integrate business writing into professional correspondence and written communication
  • Ability to closely supervise evidence-based treatment interventions to ensure therapeutic fidelity
  • Capacity to follow a specific training philosophy that prioritizes principles over rules
  • Proficiency to coach staff through practice-based learning outside of once-weekly FFT-A consultation
  • Analytic skills to maintain Continuous Quality Improvement in the delivery of the FFT-A model
  • Implementation of accountability structures and regular tracking of Therapist Adherence Measures
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, and skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite and web-based learning and reporting platforms
  • Knowledge and experience with individual, family, group modalities and crisis intervention techniques
  • Proficiency in coaching functional individual and family interaction, communication, and collective growth
  • Command and understanding of interventions with individuals with mental health issues
  • Skilled in working with hard-to-reach or distant individuals and families
  • Flexibility to work when the families are available to meet, may include non-traditional hours
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong clinical skills
  • Ability to internalize and work within the FFT-A philosophy and model
  • Expertise in working with young adults, 22 – 27 years of age preferred
  • Commitment to work with others, respect, elevate, and center cultural proficiency
  • Poses skills to engage families who may not want the service
  • Ability to adapt and individualize program interventions to utilize family strengths and skills
  • Commitment to empowering families to solve their own problems
  • Belief in the capacity of people to grow and change
  • Ability to intervene decisively, when necessary, to protect family members
  • Effectiveness in establishing mutually respectful relationships, in which the family is a full partner, and participants are empowered to solve their own problems
  • Ability to set appropriate boundaries and limits for best practice
  • Ability to appropriately handle crisis situations
  • Commitment to RiseBoro’s mission, vision, and values  
  • Ability to understand the concepts of institutional and structural racism and bias and their impact on underserved and underrepresented communities
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to supporting communities who have experienced systemic oppression and bias i.e., people of color, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, justice-involved persons, etc.


  • Master’s degree in relevant Human Services discipline required; Master of Social Work (MSW) preferred
  • Provisional licensure within the first 6 months of employment is required; licensure preferred
  • A minimum of three (3) years of relevant direct service work experience; FFT experience preferred
  • 1 - 3 years of supervisory experience required in Social Work, Mental Health, or a related setting

EEO/Affirmative Action Policy Statement

It is the policy of RiseBoro to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment. No individual will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, age, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship status, political or union affiliation, marital or partnership status, sex, sexual orientation or affectional preference, gender identity, familial status, genetic information or predisposition or characteristic, disability, status as a victim of domestic violence, status as a veteran or member of the U.S. military and related obligations, or any other characteristic protected by law. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, job placement, compensation, benefits, training and apprenticeship, employee development, promotion, demotion, discipline, transfer, lay-off and recall, and termination. RiseBoro makes reasonable accommodations based on religion and/or disability as required by law, and requests for accommodation are to be directed to the Human Resources Department.