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Cook 3 - Stadium Club - Caribe Royale Orlando Hotel

Job Details

Orlando - Orlando, FL
Full Time
High School
Hospitality - Hotel


Department:   Stadium Club, Culinary                                    

Position:           Cook III

Reports to:       Chef de Cuisine

Scope of Position

Position requires a highly professional individual with good all-around culinary experience. Must have knowledge of sanitation, presentation, following recipes, and quality. Able to work any station in the kitchen when necessary in the Stadium Club while maintaining strong communication with team. Must have knowledge of working with different cuts of steak, poultry, and fish. Must be able to complete any additional tasks assigned by kitchen management while maintaining a positive work atmosphere.


Position Requirements

  • Professional demeanor appropriate for a four-diamond environment
  • Able to handle a multitude of tasks in an intense, ever-changing environment.
  • Food Safety certification. 
  • Able to work well in stressful, high-pressure situations.
  • Able to maintain composure and objectivity under pressure.
  • Effective at handling problems in the workplace, including anticipating, preventing, identifying, and solving problems as necessary.
  • Able to assimilate complex information, data, etc. from disparate sources and consider, adjust, or modify to meet the constraints of a particular need.
  • Effective at listening to, understanding, and clarifying the concerns and issues raised by coworkers and guests.


  • Follow Occupational Health & Safety regulations.
  • Ensure equipment and kitchen cleanliness.
  • Maintain refrigerators and kitchen in clean, organized manner with all food items labeled and dated to facilitate the necessary production to achieve company goals.
  • Keep production of food at an adequate level, which does not result in excessive leftovers and waste.
  • Knowledge and timely skills of various knife-cutting techniques, such as cutting, dicing, and slicing. Refined skill set in the knowledge and preparation of garnishes.
  • Knowledge of pantry positions products i.e., Lettuce identification, Classical Salad presentation and preparations.  
  • Knowledge of meat identification and cookery. I.e., Various cuts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, and corresponding cooking techniques.
  • Knowledge of fresh and saltwater fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and various mixed cooking techniques. Poaching, simmering, deep-frying, baking, broiling, sautéing, and pan-frying.
  • Knowledge of vegetable preparation. i.e., various cutting techniques such as brunoise, paysanne, dice, allumette, battonet, mince, julienne, Parisian, noissette. A solid knowledge of proper cooking preparations, boiling, blanching, steaming, grilling, pan frying, baking, deep-frying.  
  • Knowledge and ability to prepare different methods of starch cookery. I.e., risotto, rice, potatoes (croquettes, berny, marcaire, pont- neuf, dauphinoise, dauphine, chateau, duchesse) polenta, pasta.
  • Knowledge of identification, classification, and preparation of mother sauces i.e., hollandaise, béchamel, tomato, Espanola, and veloute.
  • Knowledge and ability to identify and prepare secondary sauces such as Mornay, chasseur, choron, beurre blance, marchand de vin, curry and normande.
  • Knowledge in identification and preparation of basic soups such as consommé, clear, cream, puree, bisques, and chowders as well as speciality and National soups using the various and proper thickening agents.
  • Knowledge of food safety with critical control temperatures, danger zones, cross contamination, sanitization, food borne illness, toxins, and chemical poisoning. 
  • Must stay current and up to date with trends.
  • Must supply their own basic tools of the trade i.e., Chef’s knife, paring knife, peeler. 
  • Perform any other reasonable requests made by your manager or supervisor.


  • High School diploma and/ or experience in a hotel or a related field preferred, or
  • Culinary certification or degree preferred and/or a minimum of 3 – 4 years of culinary experience.

  Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to communicate in the English language (Second language is a plus).
  • Knowledge of proper chemical handling, cleaning techniques and use of equipment/ machinery.
  • Able to work flexible schedules including holidays and weekends.
  • Able to perform multiple tasks.

Physical Requirements

  • Physical agility and ability to move quickly in confined spaces.
  • Also requires standing/walking/reaching and bending throughout shift.
  • Ability to push / pull 100lbs.
  • Ability to lift 50lbs.
  • Think clearly in high stress and intense situations.
  • Ability to multitask and give direction under pressure.
  • Stand or walk for extended periods of time.
  • Work in areas of high heat and humidity.

I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Cook III Job description.  This is a summary of the main responsibilities for this position.  Business demands dictate work hours and schedules.  Attendance and timeliness are a requirement of this position.  Management retains the discretion to add or change the duties of this position at any time, to meet our guests’ needs.  I understand that I must also adhere to the property service standards, as well as grooming and uniform standards specific to this position, always maintaining a neat and clean appearance.  I will also adhere to any OSHA (safety) practices and wear any assigned PPE (personal protective equipment) as needed.