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Worship Production Director

Job Details

Klein Campus - SPRING, TX


Position Assignment:

  • Title:   Worship Production Director                                        
  • Staff Grade: Full-time (40 hours per week), Exempt, Salaried                       
  • Accountability:   Worship Pastor              
  • Ministry/Dept.:    Worship Ministry         

Summary of Position: The Worship Production Director is a supervisory role that manages the various audio, video and lighting production teams and elements for Sunday worship gatherings and supports ministry events throughout the week across the campus.

Purpose: To ensure that all production at Faithbridge is done with Ministry Excellence, ultimately to help carry out the mission Faithbridge to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Commit to walking in Christ-centered community at Faithbridge and model integrity, humility and choosing to always live above reproach.
  2. Must have a strong commitment to Ministry Excellence in audio, video, and lighting and must develop and foster a positive, “can-do” attitude among the staff and volunteers.
  3. Passionate commitment to leading the Creative Staff through the week-to-week agendas.
  4. Oversee the design, engineering, and installation of Audio/Video/Lights & Staging equipment and venues, both permanent and temporary.
  5. Provide audio, video, and lighting support for various ministries and events throughout the week.
  6. Contribute to creative ideas for Sunday gatherings in various spaces on campus
  7. Attend weekly worship planning meetings.
  8. Prepare and plan and oversee the production components of Worship services.
  9. Resource all ministries at Faithbridge to help them develop Ministry Excellent worship services, gatherings, classes, small groups, and events.
  10. Implement fresh ideas and components to Worship experiences at Faithbridge.
  11. Strong commitment to embrace challenges and obstacles as they present themselves in the creative implementation process.
  12. Commit and contribute to the “industry standard” expectation of excellence as it pertains to production gear, stage cleanliness, installs, cable management and overall on-stage and backstage culture.
  13. Consistent 1-on-1 check-ins with staff team to ensure they have the leadership/support necessary to thrive.
  14. Maintain and refine (when necessary) the “production request” culture across the Faithbridge campus.
  15. Manage and organize musical and production inventory, and repair AVL equipment as needs arise.
  16. Dedicate to be a team player and serve in other capable creative capacities as opportunities arise.
  17. Manage volunteers and production needs in Planning Center and other scheduling resources weekly by communicating 3-5 weeks in advance to volunteers.
  18. Assist with design, construction and implementation of stage sets from concept to creation, including props, textures, decor, cable runs, gaffing, clean up, and any other needs as identified.
  19. Commit to sharpening skills and knowledge in all AVL components at Faithbridge.
  20. Recruit, train and build other production creatives that have production skills and/or interest to serve at Faithbridge.
  21. Research, educate and stay up to date with current technology, systems, and developments in the AVL world.
  22. Identify opportunities for growth and be proactive in resourcing ideas, material, and new developments to the Worship Pastor.
  23. Collaborate with the Worship Pastor to produce thorough training material for other AVL team members (at the staff and volunteer level) to implement on website and/or written form.
  24. Ensure all production equipment is in good working order.
  25. Ensure all events are fully staffed for A/V/L production needs.
  26. Conduct timely performance reviews.
  27. This job description is not all-inclusive and can be modified verbally or in writing by the employee’s supervisor.


Skills and Educational Requirements:   

  • Must be biblically sound and exhibit personal conduct that reflects positively on the integrity of the church
  • Professional understanding of AVL system (Software, installing, programming, rigging, original creations, upgrading, training/ developing)
  • Must have an understanding of skills necessary for building out stages (electrical wiring, sawing, painting, and construction)
  • Setting up and engineering live audio consoles.
  • Strong Understanding of audio signal flow and audio system setup, including patch bays and Dante audio networking.
  • Professional standard of staging, running cables, gaffing, and any other components of maintaining clean stages.
  • Must be passionate about building volunteer teams and contributing to a life-giving create community.
  • Must understand broadcast video systems and video signal flow.
  • Must be capable of technical troubleshooting in the areas of lighting, audio, and video systems.
  • Must be familiar with any computer application that directly relates to the Creative Associate’s daily weekly.
  • Must be able to multi-task effectively, seeing all thing through to completion.
  • Self-motivated, problem solver with the ability to think on your feet and make smart decisions for yourself and the volunteer team you’re leading.
  • Must be trustworthy and confidential
  • Must be a team player and have good people skills.
  • Must have good discernment in making decisions.
  • Must value the discipline of being a “life-student” and committed to thrive in new things.
  • Two-year degree or equivalent on the job experience with a minimum of five years’ experience.

Organization Relationship:

Though reporting directly to the Worship Pastor, this position is unique in that it supports other ministries throughout the church in various production roles. Children and Student ministry’s need weekly audio and video support, as do other small groups and events seasonally. This person will have daily contact with paid staff, volunteers, and church members and attenders.

Working Conditions:

  • This is a salary and full-time position (40 hours per week), with a regular weekly in-person schedule determined with the Worship Pastor, along with some pre-approved Sunday, evening, and special event work. Attendance at seasonal ministry kick-off events (Ministry Expo) and large all-Faithbridge campus events will be required, including Christmas Eve and Easter. Continuing education including spiritual formation as directed by supervisor, including one conference per year.
  • This position can expect to have unusual hours, often including nights and weekends due to the unique nature of working in a church environment and the coordination and training of volunteers.
  • Must be physically able to lift 50 lbs., operate and manage a Lift, dedicated problem solver and must work well under pressure.

Needed Attributes:

  • Production Director should be very organized; good at planning ahead for every possible circumstance and hiccup.
  • A positive attitude and willingness to be flexible within the at Faithbridge.
  • Being able to work well under pressure is a must, with making on-the-fly decisions.
  • As a manager of a combination of full-time & part-time staff, contractors, and volunteers (unpaid servers), the Production Director needs to be a good and timely communicator for various personality types, exhibiting strong interpersonal skills, keen initiative, detail oriented, strong technical skills, ability to use discernment in making decisions, inspiring others, and being a team player.
  • The Production Director should have a commitment to learn and fully live-out the values of the Church, and above all, must love Jesus and the ministry of making more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ.