Job Details
Morrison County Public Works - Little Falls, MN
Full Time
$27.24 - $37.28 Hourly




The position utilizes the basic technical skills required of a civil engineering technician to provide for the data collection, design, and construction of projects that enhance Morrison Countys infrastructure of highways, bridges, public ditches, parks, trails, buildings, gravel sources and landfills.




A. Uses engineering skills and judgment to accurately collect field information required to prepare for the design and development of projects.

  1. Understand and operate state-of-the-art data collection equipment.
  2. Engineering knowledge in establishing vertical and horizontal alignments along with design requirements so that all needed data will be collected in an efficient manner.
  3. Understand and operate AutoCAD and other software programs used in design to assure proper interfacing between field data and plan design.
  4. Oversees job assignments of seasonal employees needed to assist in the collection of data.


B. Utilizes basic AutoCAD skills to produce a set of plans which establish construction limits, construction items, bid units, cross sections, and quantities and other plan notes and information that will allow a project to move to construction.

  1. Understands and operates infrastructure design software that utilizes collected data and sound engineering judgment to produce plans that enhance Morrison Countys infrastructure.
  2. Interprets, reviews and identifies design problems between computer and field condition and develop corrective actions and measures required to meet the needs of the traveling public at the same time minimizes the liability exposure of the County and property owners impacts.
  3. Capable of producing a final set of plans which establish construction limits, construction items, bid units and quantities and other plan notes and information that will allow a project to move to Construction.


C. Uses knowledge and experiences to develop necessary specifications that govern the contractor in the construction process.

  1. Develops the necessary special provisions and documentation required to direct the construction of projects of the Public Works Department.


D. Manages and coordinates the necessary construction staking, inspections, material quality assurances and Project documentation during the construction process.

  1. Provides the required construction survey work needed by the contractor in order to build the project on the correct alignment, location and grade.
  2. Monitor, review and inspect the construction techniques and materials utilized by the contractor to assure that the construction materials are of the quantity and placed under the conditions that will produce a high quality, cost effective, project.
  3. Ability to utilize construction management software in the documentation of projects during the construction process.


E. Perform other job duties required in order to move a project from conception to completion.

  1. Perform the necessary calculation and complete the needed documents to assure that all permits are in order and received by the time plans are approved.
  2. Investigate, review and determine land ownership for right-of-way acquisition, develop legal Easements to acquire property needed for construction.
  3. Conducts detail examination of all bridges under County and Township jurisdiction. Requires technical knowledge to locate and identify structural defects in their early stages. Data is used to set replacement priorities, calculating load limits and determining necessary repairs.
  4. Establish No Passing Zones in areas where the existing design limits the visibility of a passing vehicle. Must understand the iterative method in establishing the terminal points of a No Passing Zone that complies with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control.
  5. Redocumentation of land corners by conducting detailed research of files and archives to locate information. Observe and conduct field work to verify the historical data.
  6. Deal with hostile public during construction in a fair, consistent and respectful manner.
  7. Perform necessary survey data collection and staking along with any required design, data processing, and inspection needed for construction and operation of the Morrison County Solid waste management facility.
  8. Perform necessary surveying, design, research, inspections, and public interaction required for continued maintenance of the public ditch system within Morrison County.


F. Performs other job duties and projects in accordance with Morrison County policies and procedures and as directed by the Supervisor.

  1. Attends and participates in educational classes and on the job training programs as directed.
  2. Follows all established safety procedures and precautions when performing all job duties.
  3. Follows established safety and infectious control policies and procedures and participates in all required in-service training regarding fire safety, disaster preparedness, infectious control, and safety regulations.
  4. Maintain work areas in a sanitary and safe manner and follows departmental dress code.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned.



Must work on a regular basis in all varying weather conditions. Exposure to heavy equipment in a construction environment with continuous and intense loud noise. Other exposure includes fumes, airborne particles, heights, ultraviolet light, toxic and caustic chemicals and a dirty environment. Must be capable of handling long days of work and complying with a contractors schedule that may exceed sixty hours per week. Must work in conditions that are routinely exposed to bees, mosquitos, ticks, insects, animals, poison ivy, poison oak, noxious weeds and all other natural environmental hazards. Must be capable of staking, pounding, pulling, digging, chopping, cutting, shoveling, climbing, stooping, and balancing in lifting, carrying, holding, sliding, and shaking.



Completion of a two-year technical school program or five years of practical design and field experience in Civil Engineering Technology or related field. MN/DOT certifications are highly desirable. Must be able to obtain MN/DOT certification in areas of specialty that may include Bituminous Level I and II, Concrete Level I and II, Grading and Base Level I and II, Bridge Safety Inspection, and Bridge Construction Inspection within two years of hire.

Must have considerable knowledge in the field of highway design and construction methods and in the use of state-of-the-art survey equipment. Experience with computer programming and operation; drafting; surveying; road and bridge construction; inspection; mapping; material testing; data collection and materials inspection desired. Good communication skills are essential. The ability to put knowledge and skills together to recognize problems or errors, and resolve them.