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Teen Ministry Pastor

Job Details



The ideal candidate is someone that possess an advanced level of skill and experience working in youth ministry including:

· An unwavering, growing faith in Jesus Christ.

· A clear calling to youth ministry and a passion to serve students, not just a desire for a career in ministry.

· Ideally, a minimum of 5 years full-time experience in youth ministry and a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study.

· Being a pioneer, planner and calculated risk-taker who thinks big and takes faith steps to positively impact students for Christ in the Nashville community.

· Growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ who makes disciples, who make disciples.

· An effective and engaging communicator that can quickly build a rapport with students; gifted at teaching, leading, and planning.).

PRINCIPLE FUNCTION: Youth Pastor, High School is responsible for the growth, care, and biblical education of our teens ranging from grades 9-12. They are to ensure a professional, safe, and effective operation of our High School Youth ministry program.

The Youth Pastor will lead lessons of God's Love, God's Word, and Fellowship with the teens. It is our goal to lay a foundation that will keep teens not only interested in coming to church but develop a lifelong understanding of what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. The most essential function of the Youth Pastor, High School is to continue to grow in his or her own relationship with Jesus Christ through personal devotions, bible study, fellowship, and service. They should exhibit the qualities from I Timothy 3:1-7, and manage all activities, programs, curriculum, budgets, and staff for the High School Youth Group.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: include, but are not limited to, the following:

Spiritual Leadership:

· Provide spiritual leadership and guidance to high school students within the congregation.

· Preach and teach biblical messages relevant to the needs and challenges of college-age and young adults.

· Encourage the youth and help them in the development of a personal relationship with God.

· Support and participate in church worship services.

· Expand and enrich the program by creating appropriate services and programs, on-campus Bible studies, sharing groups, and fellowship events.

· Provide a metric-based system of support and guidance for the students as they mature in their faith.

· Represent the church by serving on appropriate committees of the denomination and organizations in the community.

· Curates’ appropriate social media content and actively communicates with teams, participants, and members.

Discipleship and Education:

· Mentor and disciple the teens individually or in small groups.

· Equip them with the knowledge and tools to apply their faith in daily life.

Community Engagement:

· Create a welcoming and inclusive environment where local youth (member and guests) can connect with one another.

· Organize and promote social events, outings, and community service activities.

· Foster a sense of belonging and community within the church.

· Develop service and mission projects for youth to grow in service to the Lord!

· Communicate program plans with parents through regular mailings and/or parent groups.

· Attend local Student functions at High School and home school events while developing relationships within the education community.

Outreach and Evangelism:

· Develop strategies for disciplining youth within the local community who may not be affiliated with the church.

· Engage in evangelistic efforts to share the Christian faith with non-believing youth.

· Plan and coordinate camps, conferences, retreats, and trips

Collaboration and Leadership:

· Collaborate with other church leaders, such as the Senior Pastor, Pastor of College Ministry, and worship leaders, to ensure a comprehensive approach to ministry.

· Preserve the culture of the program by encouraging teamwork and mutual support, providing leadership and nurture to members who work in the department.

· Attend staff meetings and retreats and participate in the church's overall vision and mission.

· Recruit, train and equip key people to work as High school advisors.

· Meet regularly with lay leadership for team building and planning purposes.

Administrative Duties:

· Manage the budget and resources allocated to the Youth Ministry (Teens)

· Establish goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs, managing the use of facilities, planning an appropriate budget, delegating tasks, and evaluating progress regularly.

· Maintain records of attendance, membership, and program participation.

· Utilizes church systems and databases for metrics, registrations, attendance, and student information.

· Serves as a liaison between the Bishop and the High School students of the church.

· Perform other duties as assigned.