Peer Transition/Diversion Specialist - Part Time
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Monticello - Monticello, NY
Part Time
High School
Direct Support


  • Provide proactive peer engagement services and coordinate comprehensive wrap around supports to successfully transition individuals currently residing at Rockland Psychiatric Center (RPC) back into community settings. Work collaboratively with RPC Clinicians in developing discharge plans that effectively support each individuals transition from institution to community while concurrently addressing issues that might otherwise lead to relapse and recidivism.
  • Focus on three main goals:1) Successfully transition and acclimate individuals to community living; 2) prevent hospitalization and reduce recidivism; 3) improve overall quality of life; and 4) reduce need for intensive and costly services.
  • Proactively engage people at risk of hospitalization for mental health disability related issues. Provide highly individualized, flexible, demand responsive, intensive peer support and timely intervention during periods when individuals with psychiatric disabilities are experiencing increased vulnerability and are at greatest risk.
  • Work in partnership and follow up with referrals received from Catskill Regional Medical Center (CRMC), Mobile Mental Health, Sullivan County Department of Community Services and other agencies by providing ongoing peer counseling, advocacy and introduction to the wellness and recovery model and Wellness Self-Management Plan.
  • Encourage each individual to develop an advanced directive to help direct his or her care in the event he or she is incapable. Primary focus should be to provide demand responsive-peer-support and developing Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Plans (with realistic goals based on each individuals purpose and passion for life), Advance Directives, and Health Care Proxies.
  • Work with people with mental health disabilities as well as those individuals identified by the discharge teams at hospitals and other treatment facilities (as needed) in order to help bridge recipients back into the community.
  • Assist in discharge planning whenever possible, and maintain effective working relationships with participating 9.39 hospitals, drug treatment centers and other community providers.
  • Maintain a current and working knowledge of systems issues.
  • Engage in individual advocacy by assisting individuals with mental health disabilities in protecting and promoting their rights, resolving complaints, accessing services and navigating community supports of their choice.
  • Engage in systems advocacy by representing the concerns of individuals with mental health disabilities through the identification of patterns of problems and complaints and working with program or system administrators to resolve or eliminate these systemic problems.
  • Facilitate and support the development of an integrated support network for individuals which includes but is not limited to case management, benefits advisement, supported housing, self help, employment and educational services, county jail and rehab programs, family members, hospital emergency rooms, schools, community residences, provider agencies, mental health clinics, family health centers, police and emergency services, MSWs and physicians, in addition to other community supports individuals may wish to access.
  • Educate individuals, families, and community resources about challenges, options, and resources with regard to persons with disabilities.
  • Encourage personal empowerment, self-determination, while promoting independent living skill development.
  • Encourage independence; provide assistance in identifying and connecting with supportive services. .
  • Complete all reporting and record keeping as required including statistical reports by specified due dates.
  • Attend and actively participate in all meetings and training sessions provided by Independent Living, Inc. as well as those specific to mental health, transition and diversion.
  • Other duties as assigned.




  • Honesty, respect for diversity, high personal standards, language and behaviors reflecting such values and the Independent Living philosophy.
  • Demonstrated ability to recognize the need for and facilitate connections between consumers and IL and other disability related services.
  • Knowledge of local, statewide and national disability related issues and community dynamics.
  • Working knowledge of current community resources such as transportation systems, recreation centers and activities, churches, drop in centers, support groups and additional resources strongly desired. Knowledge of chemical addiction
  • services as well as key players of services in Sullivan County, strongly preferred.
  • Must have a working knowledge of the mental health system and recovery process (including but not limited to 12 step programs, Self Help and other alternative methods) since this is a peer position.
  • Strong understanding of wellness and recovery principles, WRAP principles and experience running peer led groups strongly desired.
  • Experience with chronic mentally ill population required.
  • Working knowledge of confidentiality requirements as relating to records pertaining to Mental Health and Chemical Dependency laws.
  • Excellent written and verbal presentation skills.
  • Must have good time management skills and be self-directing, especially if there is any downtime.
  • Must possess a valid drivers license and have reliable transportation.
  • Familiarity with DLA-20 Assessment tool a plus.


  • Bachelors Degree in Human Services plus two years of advocacy experience preferred. (Equivalent years of experience in place of degree, acceptable.)
  • Must complete approved advocacy training program within the first six months of employment.
  • Must be a peer and have personal lived experience as a former or current user of mental health services and be comfortable with self-disclosure as needed.
  • Must have a working knowledge of the mental health system and recovery process (including but not limited to 12 step programs, Self Help and other alternative methods) since this is a peer position.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of ASL a plus.