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Job Details



The position of Regional OPC for the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is one of significant responsibility. He/She is responsible for donor evaluation and management at hospitals within CORE’s service area. He/She also is responsible for functioning as the designated requestor for CORE’s DSA and talking with families about the opportunity to donate and obtaining and/or documenting authorization. He/She is responsible for coordination of operating room staff involved in the recoveries. He/She is responsible for the perfusion and preservation of post-mortem organs. He/She is responsible for hospital development in their assigned region and is expected to attend meetings related to donor activity at their assigned hospitals.





The Regional OPC reports to CORE’s Director, Clinical Operations. When involved in donor activity, however, the Regional OPC works under the direction of the CORE administrator on call. The Regional OPC is responsible for donor evaluation and management of potential and actual donors within CORE’s service area and, in some cases, hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. He/She will be responsible for the importation and exportation of post-mortem organs. He/She will be responsible for knowing and working within CORE and national policies regarding organ and tissue recovery and distribution. He/She will be responsible for functioning as the designated requestor for CORE’s DSA and then communicating donor case outcomes to donor families, donor hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals as deemed necessary. He/She occasionally will assist the CORE Professional Services Liaison team in delivering educational programs for healthcare professionals and attending key physician meetings as requested. He/She may be assigned other job-related functions by CORE’s President/CEO and Leadership Team

Job Qualifications


The position of Regional OPC requires that someone be a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or a paramedic with a four-year degree in one of the health sciences, or prior experience with an Organ Procurement Organization. Critical care experience is desirable. Candidates with 4+ years’ experience in other critical care related fields may be considered. In addition, a four-year degree in one of the health sciences preferred, or a Master of Science in Biomedical Science Human Donation Science. Critical care experience is preferred. He/She must have strong communication, interpersonal skills and sound judgment. On scheduled days of call, he/she must be available to work up to 24 hours. He/She must possess the ability to lift and carry equipment weighing at least sixty 60 pounds. He/She must demonstrate a commitment to the donation process, strong professional work ethic and above-average leadership skills.





The degree of job difficulty for the Regional OPC falls into the significant range. Inadvertent errors or mistakes could result in the death of a transplant recipient. Misinformation to families, healthcare professionals or the public in general could have an adverse effect on the donation process. Personal development is essential to keep abreast of the current trends in organ/tissue donation and transplantation. Misinformation could cause internal and external problems with regard to CORE and national transplant policies.