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Coffee Shop Barista (PT)

Job Details

Oaks Church - RED OAK, TX


Job Overview

The barista is responsible for preparing and serving coffee drinks to guests of the Oaks coffee shop, but is also responsible for setting an atmosphere that enhances the experience people have at Oaks Church. More than just making coffee, this role serves a ministry. The right barista brings a hard-working, positive attitude to the position, a basic knowledge of coffee production and extraction, and professionalism that matches the standards of Oaks Church. The barista reports to the coffee shop manager.


Responsibilities + Duties:

  • Greeting customers in a friendly manner while taking orders
  • Answering customer questions about menu
  • Promoting and recommending menu options to customers
  • Preparing and serving beverages as requested
  • Taking payment from customers
  • Keeping the work environment sanitary and organized
  • Maintaining inventory and equipment by cleaning, troubleshooting, and communicating repairs needed 
  • Assisting the manager in light duties such as PCO scheduling and ordering
  • Evaluating and modifying processes to improve efficiency and quality of service  
  • Working to attract new customers and expanding the menu
  • Assist in training new volunteers to the standard of shop efficiency and accuracy
  • Covering for the manager in the event of PTO or other reasons manager may be out
  • Sunday mornings are required per hours and availability




  • Listen well and communicate in a professional and friendly manner
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and drink quality
  • Practice basic safety procedures with respect to equipment and handling hot beverages
  • Be efficient and organized 
  • Build good relationships with customers
  • Maintain a clean work environment
  • Keep supplies replenished to minimize downtime
  • Previous food service experience preferred, but not required
  • Great time management and communication skills
  • A desire to learn and grow in the knowledge of coffee and production
  • Ability to lift 15-20lbs without struggle


General Expectations

  • Commitment to continual growth in personal spiritual life and relationship with Christ
  • Attend All Staff meetings when able and “All-Hands-on-Deck” events
  • “Serve One/Attend One” for weekly Oaks Church Sunday services
  • Support the vision, values, and ministry of Oaks Church through tithing, serving, etc.
  • Proactive thinking and willingness to learn and train others
  • Model a Godly life for volunteers
  • Be teachable with a humble and submissive attitude
  • Honor/do not share confidential information (about staff, budgets, property, members, etc.)
  • Adhere to the Oaks Church honesty policy, to the last 10%
  • Communicate needs and time off requests in a timely manner