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General Maintenance Technician

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Fort Worth, TX - Fort Worth, TX


General Maintenance


Fort Worth Country Day is a coed, junior kindergarten through grade 12 college-preparatory day school with nearly 1,100 students and 250 faculty and staff on a 104-acre campus.  The School earned the distinction of being ranked one of the Best Companies to Work for in Fort Worth in 2018. We are seeking an experienced General Maintenance Technician to work alongside the dedicated professionals within our Plant Operations department, reporting to the Maintenance Supervisor.


This is a full time, non-exempt, year-round, hourly paid position. Anticipated work hours are 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The School offers 20 days of paid time off each calendar year, 15 holidays, medical, dental, vision, retirement, disability, life insurance, and more.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Program setups: Assist in the hauling and setting up of tables, chairs, coffee, and ice from storage to required setup locations for a variety of programs and meetings.


  • Plumbing: Installation of new plumbing components and the repairs of existing plumbing components, consisting of but not limited to; sinks, water fountains, drinking fountains, hot water, and boiler systems, potable waterlines, urinals, commodes, showers, sanitary wastewater lines, on the campus of FWCD.


  • Electrical: Installation of new electrical components and the repairs of existing electrical components, consisting of but not limited to; interior and exterior lighting fixtures, wiring, and ballast. Replacement lamps and light bulbs, electrical conduits of various sizes and lengths, low-voltage lighting, and scoreboard lighting, on the campus of FWCD.


  • HVAC: Repairs and general maintenance of existing HVAC systems, cold water-cooling systems, and hot water heating system components, consisting of but not limited to; systems filtration media cleaning and filtration media changes, pulling and removing 240-volt ac units for general cleaning and reinstallation, working with Johnson Controls computer system in maintaining cooling and heating requirements for all campus facilities, receiving boxed filtration media for proper storage.


  • General facility maintenance: Assist supervisors and other maintenance personnel in the general maintenance of interior and exterior conditions of all facility buildings, classrooms and portable outbuildings on the campus off FWCD, consisting of but not limited to; building and installing shelves and cabinets, installing chalk and marker boards, placement of desks and chairs in classrooms, hanging of pictures, maps, projection screens, ceiling projectors, repair of desks, tables, and chairs, installation of wall racks for television monitors, repair of athletic lockers, repair of student lockers, repair of interior and exterior doors, door locks and panic hardware, installation of window blinds, installation of ceiling tiles and floor tiles, installation and repair of wall baseboard, installation and repair of wall sheetrock, repair of minor roof leaks, repair, and routine cleaning of rain gutter and downspouts, removal and disposal of damaged desks, tables and chairs, repair of damaged street signs, construction, and installation of new street and designated parking signs.


  • General duties: Assist in the daily delivery of all parcel post packages, boxes, and special delivery envelopes, delivered to the maintenance shop by courier to various departments around the campus. Assist in the weekly delivery of boxes of copy paper, letterhead paper, special envelopes, and other school media material, upon request via work-order, from the various school departments.


All employees of FWCD must:

  • Embody, model and communicate the School’s mission and core values (respect, responsibility, kindness, courage, integrity and scholarship)
  • Exhibit generous community spirit, professional flexibility, a sense of humor and a positive attitude
  • Collaborate and work well with colleagues, parents and students
  • Execute duties in a positive and punctual manner
  • Be an enthusiastic lifelong learner driven toward professional self-improvement and personal growth


Equal Opportunity Employer / Statement of Inclusivity:

Fort Worth Country Day is an Equal Opportunity Employer that maintains a policy of nondiscrimination with respect to all employees and applicants for employment. The ideal candidate should possess a thoughtful approach and knowledge of intercultural communication and inclusion of underrepresented groups. Employment decisions at FWCD are based on merit, qualifications, abilities and performance, and are subject to the academic and business requirements of the School.


The FWCD Inclusivity Statement confirms: We believe that understanding and respecting differences not only inspires compassion and empathy, but also fosters intellectual curiosity and creativity. We embrace the diverse cultures, experiences and perspectives that comprise and enhance our learning environment. We commit to sustaining and growing an intentionally inclusive community.


About Fort Worth Country Day and the City of Fort Worth:

Fort Worth Country Day earned the distinction of being ranked one of the Best Companies to Work for in Fort Worth in 2018.


Fort Worth Country Day is a co-ed, junior kindergarten through grade 12 college-preparatory day school with approximately 1,100 students and 250 faculty and staff. The School seeks to promote inclusivity and retain a diverse faculty. The 104-acre campus offers excellent facilities for academics, arts and athletics. Faculty and administration nurture a collegial professional environment in which innovation is encouraged. Opportunities for ongoing professional development are exceptional. Fort Worth Country Day is proud of its school community where students, parents, faculty, staff and administration join together to develop an effective and enjoyable place to teach and learn.


Fort Worth ranks as one of the top 12 largest cities in the United States and is known for its vibrant arts, music and cultural life. The Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan region is home to over 6.5 million people. More information about the School is available at