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Family Advocate

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1946 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457 - Bronx, NY
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Family Advocate - Preventive Program

Family Advocate - Preventive Program

About Graham Windham

In full partnership with families & communities, Graham Windham strives to make a life-altering difference to children, youth and families affected by abuse, neglect and delinquency by providing each child we serve with a strong foundation for life: a safe, loving, permanent family and the opportunity and preparation to thrive in school and in the world. With over 400 full-time, part-time and on-call employees serving children and families in multiple programs throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem, Graham Windham provides an exciting & enriching work experience.


Graham Windham is one of the first organizations in the New York City to implement Solution -Based Casework (SBC). Solution-Based Casework helps children and families to be the solution to the seemingly insurmountable problems in their lives, from generational cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect to unemployment, domestic violence and severe health problems. By recognizing and reinforcing their innate strengths and ability to cope, we at Graham Windham empower them to take the lead in making change in their lives.


About the Program

Graham Windham’s General Preventive (GP) or Beacon Ties Programs located both in Manhattan and the Bronx offer preventive case management services to families at risk of removal of children to foster care due to neglect and abuse.  Risk factors for families served by the FTR program are sometimes advanced as a result of the stressors of poverty, substance use, instability and criminal justice involvement can greatly compromise a parent’s capacity to care for his/her children, despite strong desires to be engaged.  Our goal is to partner with families to keep them together while ensuring that children will be safely cared for.


Position Overview

To assist the unit’s team in efforts to develop and promote early engagement with parents whenever a new intake is assigned within the first 30 days and to help with advocacy around resources and services offered in their communities.


Duties and Responsibilities (but not limited to): 


  • Prepare parents and participate in Family Team Conferences not limited to (Elevated Risk Conferences, Service Termination conferences, Administrative Meeting with Families as well as 30 / 45-day conferences, Six Month Service), debrief after. 
  • Engage, establish and maintain friendly, compassionate, professional working relationships with parents receiving services, family members and support team in a manner that reflects our values and culture.
  • Encourage parents to participate in Family Success Interventions (Baby & Me, Visit Coaching, Parenting Journey and All recommended services discussed at the transitional meeting with ACS as well as any conferences held).
  • Outreach to parents via text messages, phone calls or emails to build relationships while connecting parents to community resources as needed
  • Review Parent Engagement Guide with parents to acquaint parents with the child welfare processes.



  • Coach parents to develop skills that will allow them to independently develop problem solving skills while discovering their strengths, hopes, dreams as well as their priorities.
  • Appropriately assess the needs of the parents in order to create measurable goals while determining what barriers could impact the desired outcomes.
  • Facilitate bi-weekly support groups utilizing Network and Parent Café Model, (staff to be trained in the model).
  • Escort parents to scheduled court appearances for support, to scheduled appointments or shopping to purchase items requested by the agency.
  • Recognize and celebrate parents whenever they make simple or significant progress towards reunification.
  • Escort parents to scheduled court appearances for support


Collective Approach

  • Collaborate and maintain effective communication with team members, case planners as well as other stake holders to ensure that the overall needs of the parents are met.
  • Participate in routine case consultation with case planning teams in order to assure the parents are following through with their required service plan while demonstrating behavior change
  • Participate in joint home visits with case planners as needed to provide the required support to fathers.
  • Assists parents in establishing structure during home visits and meeting the needs of their children by utilizing hands on teaching and modeling techniques.
  • Ensure that the provision of services is informed by principles outlined in both the Solutions Based Casework, Parenting Journey, and Appreciative Inquiry.


Professional Development

  • Assists parents in establishing structure during visits and meeting the needs of their children by utilizing hands on teaching and modeling.
  • Ensure that the provision of services is informed by principles outlined in both the Solutions Based Casework, Parenting Journey and Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Join decision-making meetings for parents where they have established a real connection.
  • Contribute agenda items and participate in weekly supervision with assigned supervisor.
  • Attend and actively participate in skill development training to improve the manner in which we approach the work, keep current with structural changes within the agency/child welfare.
  • Prepare parents to participants in the birth parent roundtable.
  • Participate in policy/advocacy development and decisions.



  • Maintain and manage documentation of interactions with parents within the database.
  • Submit monthly tracker to supervisor regarding contacts made with parents in a timely manner.
  • Provide progress report to case planners, courts or other interested parties as needed.
  • Monitors program participation through noting and tracking ongoing contact with parents
  • Gather feedback from parents on their experience.


Required Trainings:

  • Appreciate Inquiry  
  • Protective Factors  
  • Parent Café  
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention   
  • Visit Coaching  
  • Rise (Visiting Tips)  
  • Motivational Interviewing  
  • SBC  
  • Documentation/ Progress notes and Connection Trainings
  • Addressing crisis issues and de-escalation.
  • Motivational interviewing and professional boundaries in the workplace 
  • Family Coaching Guide  
  • Legal (Understanding the legal process or CW cases)  
  • Medicaid Compliance  
  • Mandated Reporter  



Full-time position; $45,172-$47,172/annually + Merit + Generous Time Off.  Graham Windham offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefit package including medical, dental, and vision coverage, paid time off, holiday pay, retirement savings plan, and much more.





  • Experience as a parent or primary caregiver who has navigated multiple child-serving systems on behalf of their child(ren) with social, emotional, developmental, health and/or behavioral healthcare needs.
  • College experience is a plus, High School Diploma, or its equivalent (GED) is preferred not required, good verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Knowledge of child and adolescent development
  • Ability to work with and engage hard-to-reach populations, as well as families impacted by trauma, poverty, complex stressors, violence, mental health, juvenile justice and substance abuse
  • Culturally competency and trauma-informed approach
  • Computer literate 
  • Ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner, flexible, willing to travel, while working well with peers.
  • Capable of traveling and working with families in their homes and communities
  • Knowledge of the Preventive or foster care system preferred.
  • A strong interest in the enhancement of the quality of life for those who depend upon agency’s services.