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Service Technician

Job Details

Chicago - Chicago, IL



 Must be able to read and understand a map

 Thoroughly inspect customer premises for signs of pest activity

 Identify target pest species, their harborage and access points in and around the customers


 Determine and record any preventative action necessary by the customer to reduce and/or

eliminate the pest problem

 Determine and apply the correct safest pesticide to be used to control the target pest(s)

 Report to the customers the work performed any corrective measures necessary for the customer to undertake,

and complete all applicable documentation, including the collection of any payment due

 Record and document any pest activity not covered by the work agreement with the customer

 Record any additional services or materials necessary to eliminate the pests not covered by the regular service

 Thank the customer for their business and whenever possible always promote the services of the company

 Unless otherwise instructed, the Service Technician must physically check in to the service office on a daily


 The Service Technician must present all service tickets, moneys collected, and all the relevant documentation at

check in

 The Service Technician is responsible to address all customer request in a timely fashion or as directed by the

Service Manager

 The Service Technician must address all new business requests in a timely fashion or as directed by the Service


 The Service Technician is required to complete an acceptable amount of work each day as directed by the

Service Manager

 The Service Technician is required to maintain an acceptable level of cancellations and a minimum level of

unserviced, each month, as laid down by company guidelines

 The Service Technician must comply with the company dress code at all times

 The Service Technician must ensure that all equipment, including the service vehicle, is kept clean and well


 The Service Technician must be conversant with and follow all Federal, State and local ordinances relating to

Structural Pest Control

 The Service Technician is required to maintain a courteous and polite manner at all times when dealing with


 The Service Technician, if responsible for a company vehicle, is required to drive in a safe and courteous

fashion at all times. The service vehicle must always be kept securely locked whenever unattended

 The Service Technicians may not, without special permission

 Treat against pests or in premises not covered by a particular job or agreement

 Undertake any service, use any treatment technique, or any material not approved by the company

 Give away any of the company’s materials or equipment

 Carry out treatments in overtime or at special times specified by the customer


PHYSICAL JOB REQUIREMENTS: Bending, stooping, kneeling, twisting, walking, climbing

(ladder approx. 20-30 feet), (carrying 40-50 lbs.).