Product Marketing Manager
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Veracity Insurance Solutions. LLC - Pleasant Grove, UT
Full Time
Not Specified
$65,000.00 - $95,000.00 Salary/year
Up to 25%
Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

As the Product Marketing Manager, you lead a team and direct Marketing decisions for InsCipher (sister company to Veracity Insurance). You research, strategize, collaborate, plan, and execute to take us to the next level.

About Inscipher

The insurance industry is old school. Spreadsheets. Formulas. Email. It’s been ripe for innovation, and we're the innovators. InsCipher is the first and only (for now!) software and services company to automate some of the more tedious aspects of insurance reporting.

We have all the makings of the next breakout tech company: a sticky, high-value, big savings product in high demand, a great ops team, and growing sales. No one does what we do, and that advantage won’t last forever. We need to market the hell out of our software while we have a chance to own this market.

A Day in the Life of a Product Marketing Manager at Inscipher:

Since this is our first Marketing hire, you’re a pioneer, a trailblazer if you will. You’ll spend your day building a marketing strategy to generate warm leads, evaluate existing assets, and find ways to enhance our message. You’ll look for new opportunities and help identify threats from competitors. You’ll help develop a consistent brand and message, and find ways to market InsCipher by leveraging the assets at your disposal (design, video, and digital resources). Collaborations with Partners, webinars/thought leadership, and lead magnets are big goals of ours for 2021. You’ll also spend plenty of time admiring the marketing machine you’ve built.

What You Need to Succeed

You’ll be given the freedom to design cradle-to-grave marketing initiatives and put those into action. The PMM we’re looking for:

  • Is an excellent communicator, especially written communication.
  • Thinks strategically and acts tactically. Combining both = magic.
  • Capitalizes on our strengths, while identifying threats and weaknesses.
  • Can lead discussions regarding marketing strategy, and inspire others to join the effort. 

Furthermore, the ideal candidate:

  • Can manage a project from start to finish and hold others accountable
  • Thrives on autonomy and, after training, isn’t scared to dive in and be a sponge when it comes to learning the business beside other self-guided learners
  • Is flexible with job roles and responsibilities; a hands-on approach—collaborating with other teams will only make you more successful. “Not my job” is not our culture.
  • Wants to help build something great.

The Benefits

Benefits include 4 weeks combined vacation/PTO, 401K with matching, health, vision, & dental. 

But really, the best part of the job is making it your own and who you’ll work with. Our Sales leader Jason is a typically polite Canadian and atypically collaborative and grateful for a Sales guy. Our Operations leader Kahea is sharp as a tack and a huge reason for our success. And our Product leader Covey is building a phenomenal product that makes it so you’re not putting lipstick on a pig to market it. You’ll collab with them and others, and your combined efforts will be the company roadmap.

Work Schedule

We’re flexible. Some start and end early, some late. You’ll work it out with your manager. Either way, it's at least 40 hours/week no matter when you arrive or leave. We value results most of all; Bring in the leads, and we’re happy. Currently, most of us are remote, but we’ll probably have you come into the office for a few weeks to train and meet the team in groups of three or four.

How to Apply

Easy peasy. Submit your application through our website/job board you found this posting on.

Skills and Experience

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in an applicable field or equivalent years of experience
  • Highly experienced in generating warm leads
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Willingness to learn our software and how it brings value to the insurance industry
  • Experience researching, planning, budgeting, forecasting, executing, analyzing, and reporting on marketing campaigns
  • Project Management skills

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Experience in SEO/SEM, video marketing, social media marketing 
  • Digital Paid Advertising (PPC)
  • Automated marketing efforts, analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, Moz, Domo), project planning and Ecomm software like Hubspot or SalesForce. We use Hubspot. 
  • Graphic and Web Design, including some print media