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Job Details

Oklahoma Christian School - Edmond, OK


General Description:  This position reports to the elementary school principal.  The elementary classroom teacher assistant helps students learn subject matter, skills, and behavior that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible Christian men and women to the praise and glory of God.




  • A strong clear Christian testimony
  • A lifestyle of biblical integrity
  • A spirit of dedication, teamwork, flexibility, and responsiveness to counsel
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Basic understanding of childhood development
  • Acceptance without reservation of the OCS Parent Covenant, Statement of Faith, Statement on Marriage and Sexuality, Statement on Diversity, and Core Values

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Models a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ in speech, actions, attitudes
  • Actively involved in church
  • Follows Matthew 18 principle in dealing with interpersonal conflict
  • Encourages students to accept God’s gift of salvation and grow in their faith


  • Assist the classroom teacher in maintaining a teaching environment conducive to student learning
  • Works closely with classroom teacher to prepare for daily tasks as needed
  • Assists the classroom teacher instruction
  • Effectively utilizes educational technology
  • Assists in classroom management and student supervision and behavior
  • Duties including but not limited to recess, lunch, carline and before school care
  • Aiding students when extra support is needed


Non-instructional and Professional

  • Adheres to all policies and procedures governing the operation of the school
  • Proactively communicates with teachers and administrators
  • Assists teacher in reviewing, grading and recording homework and attendance
  • Accepts a share of responsibility for extracurricular activities as assigned
  • Attends and arrives punctually to scheduled devotional, committee, faculty meetings
  • Maintains professional dress and appearance
  • Uses standard English in written and oral communication
  • Demonstrates the character qualities of courtesy, friendliness, flexibility, integrity, gratitude, and perseverance
  • Meets everyday stress with emotional stability
  • Responds respectfully and is loyal to constituted authority
  • Represents the school in a favorable and professional manner to its constituency