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Outreach Coordinator

Job Details

730 Bryant Avenue, Bronx NY 10474 - Bronx, NY
Part Time
High School
$27.00 Hourly

Outreach Coordinator


Hunts Point Beacon Outreach Coordinator


Outreach Coordinator


Position Description:

The Outreach Coordinator is a part-time team member that identifies, recruits and retains youth who are disconnected from productive programs and/or have poor academic outcomes. This person will have the skills and personality to forge relationships with youth who are chronically absent or have dropped out of school and persuade them to engage in school and Beacon programming. This individual will have the experience, skills, and personal qualities including language, cultural, and neighborhood competence to function as a mentor and resource for the youth when they enroll in the Beacon program. This individual will also have the ability to outreach, build and deepen connections with the surrounding community.

Specific Responsibilities:


  • Develop and implement family focused programming to meet the needs of the host school and greater community. This includes, but not limited to conducting needs assessments through surveys, focus groups and program evaluations. Utilize DYCD Connect to monitor program and activity enrollment and create and outreach plan to include marketing to the school including flyers, posters, announcements and visits to neighborhood institutions.


  • Facilitate Beacon Advisory Board and Parent meetings in order to share the status and vision of the program, including soliciting program needs and possible service gaps. Identify process (secure Co-locator Agreements, insurances etc) and supervise co-locators.



  • Manage the hiring and onboarding of “Scholars Of Service” (S.O.S.) and community partner Interns and provides on going training for these interns.  Is the direct supervisor of Interns in the Outreach Specialist role.


  •  As necessary, works with Director to provide site supervision of Beacon staff and participants during afterschool, evening, weekend, holiday and summer programming.


  • Serves as a liaison between participants, families and staff in order to provide supportive coaching, and access to resources. Serve as an advocate for disengaged youth, recommending programs and interventions to engage this population.


  • Attend Student Support Team meetings and work with the School Leadership to target youth who are chronically absent or late to school.


  • Work with local partners such as the NYPD Community Affairs Officer, local Community Board, and neighborhood stakeholders, to identify “hard to reach” and “at-risk “youth and engage them into the pro-social activities of the program. Facilitate Leadership Groups including Grahams Bengals, peer leadership, civic engagement and service learning groups, which has successfully supported disconnected youth community.


Competencies & Traits:


  • Excellent written and verbal skills.


  • Bilingual a plus.


  • Attend all required Beacon staff development trainings.  Learn about the surrounding community and build connections.


  • Apply age-appropriate youth development techniques and competencies to engage disconnected youth and believe in their ability to thrive

    Graham Norms (Pillars)

    1. Treat all with respect
    We respect the inherent dignity and worth of all with whom we work. We are diverse in gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. We respect everyone we meet knowing that we all face challenges in life and we believe that all are capable of developing solutions. Trust is an essential element of respect trust between kids, families, and each other, and trust among the agency, funders, regulators and the public. There is no trust without integrity, both personal and organizational.

    2. Promote Safety and Well-Being
    Kids and families come first. Our decisions and actions are always driven by their need for safety, family, education and opportunity. We recognize the effects of trauma and provide a safe and nurturing environment where people can heal. We support each other in the work that we do.

    3. Encourage learning
    We are committed to continuous self-reflection and an insistence on best practices, with rewards and celebration for excellent performance. We accomplish very little alone. We achieve the best results through active collaboration with all who are involved, both within and outside the agency. Genuine, lasting solutions come from working together. Our team includes kids and families, allowing them (as the experts of their families) to lead the way.

    4. Support opportunities for growth
    We value a culture that provides opportunities to develop, practice and master skills, with supports along the way. We recognize what we do well and where we need to partner with others. We recognize that setbacks are part of growth and behavior change. We take every opportunity to celebrate progress and the accomplishment of goals that kids, families, and we have set for ourselves.

    5. Thrive in life
    We are bold and passionate about this work. We enjoy empowering kids, families, and each other, helping us grow stronger so that we can sustain progress and thrive in life.





  • High School diploma or equivalency with a minimum of five years of instructional experience with youth or adults in a structured environment.
  • Bachelors Degree preferred, with a minimum of two years of instructional experience with youth or adults in a structured environment
  • Must obtain CPR/RTE certification w/in 90 days of employment
  • A minimum of 2 years experience working with youth in a non-profit or educational setting
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word and Excel
    Strong written and verbal communication skills