Licensed Massage Therapist
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Scottsdale - Scottsdale, AZ
$40.00 - $50.00 Hourly
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The Hawaiian Experience Spa concept was brought to Arizona in 2007 by our founders after they studied massage in Hawaii. We have since expanded and currently have a spa in Scottsdale, Chandler and Goodyear with more opening soon! We are the number one rated day spa in the Phoenix, AZ area because we commit to our ‘ohana (employees) and our ‘ohana commits to helping fulfill our Spirit of Aloha Commitment. The commitment not only involves us all helping the guests, it equally involves us helping each other.


Our Spirit of Aloha Commitment


To provide an exceptional relaxation or therapeutic spa experience to every guest every time. 

To provide an exceptional, rewarding and enjoyable work experience to our 'ohana (employees) by treating them like partners, not commodities. 

To spread the Spirit of Aloha so more people, both guests and 'ohana, can benefit from the Hawaiian Experience.

Job Summary, Qualifications, Benefits

Job Summary


As a Hawaiian Experience Spa Massage Therapist your main role is to provide an exceptional relaxation or therapeutic spa experience to every guest every time. Since we offer our guests a large selection of services ranging from therapeutic to relaxation to spa treatment experiences, you will have lots of variety throughout the day. Full time therapists have opportunities to learn spa operations to prepare you for any career path in the spa industry.

Responsibilities and Duties for Massage Therapists

  • Provide exceptional massages and spa treatments – you must be a committed healer.
  • Greeting guests in the spa lounge and escorting them to the treatment room. All guests are already wearing robes, so they do not need to change in the room, saving you time.
  • Reviewing guests’ medical forms and asking follow-up questions so you are prepared to provide the best experience for that guest.
  • Writing complete treatment notes.
  • Getting guests to realize the benefit of regular massage therapy.
  • Setting up your treatment room neatly.
  • Cleaning your treatment room after each visit.
  • While we have dedicated spa managers and spa administrators who handle appointment making, guest services, cleaning, etc. all ‘ohana help out in these areas as needed if they are in the spa. Full time therapists typically remain in the spa during their shifts providing opportunities to learn all aspects of spa operations over time. Therapists highly interested in operations can receive accelerated training in these areas. These skills can prepare you for limitless opportunities in the spa industry. Part time therapists typically come and go between services, so they don’t learn the operations end except by special request.


Qualifications and Skills

  • Licensed massage therapist in State of Arizona
  • Must be excited about performing Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy. We will provide complete training in this amazing form of bodywork.
  • Be in good physical condition and be able to present a healthy outlook to guests
  • Love massage therapy and helping people relax and get out of pain
  • Be able to write detailed treatment notes
  • Be happy working as part of a team
  • Be excited about being part of the raving fans team and in working in spa operations if you are full time
  • Full time and part time positions are available

Pay, Benefits and Perks

  • Pay is based on a percentage of what spa gets paid and goes up with seniority at the spa. First year team members average $40 - $50 per hour with tips.
  • Monthly and annual bonus plans can allow you to earn extra income.
  • Free training in Lomi Lomi massage. This amazing form of bodywork can have a profound effect on your career.
  • Complete training in spa operations available.
  • Paid vacation increasing to three weeks per year (FT Only)
  • Health insurance with employer contributions (FT Only)
  • Paid sick time
  • AFLAC Benefits including; accident disability, short term disability, off the job disability, dental, accident, cancer treatment, hospitalization and more
  • 35% discount on products – buy them for yourself or as gifts for others
  • Employee massages, facials and body treatments at a deeply discounted rate 
  • Free use of the sauna 
  • You may provide free treatments to your family and/ or friends at the spa
  • Family discounts
  • Relaxed dress code and the freedom to be unique (i.e., piercings, tattoos, pink hair, are all great!)
  • One of the founders and some managers are massage therapists – we understand your needs

COVID-19 and Safety


Long before the current situation, Hawaiian Experience Spa’s number one concern has been the health and safety of our ‘ohana. Providing a positive work experience is one of our three key tenants and is shown in our Spirit of Aloha Commitment above. Some of standard our safety practices include:


  • The use of organic oils, lotions and other products to reduce your exposure to toxins.
  • Obtaining full name, address and other contact information for all guests before allowing them to get services.
  • Immediately and permanently banning from all of our spas any guest who acts inappropriate with a therapist. We have zero tolerance for this issue.
  • Always having a trained staff at the spa in addition to the therapists.
  • Making all therapists regular employees so you receive various protections under the law including workers compensation insurance for injuries, unemployment insurance, liability insurance and other protections not afforded to independent contractors.
  • Providing regular inspections of, and maintenance of, all tables and spa equipment.
  • Full disinfecting and cleaning protocols for all spa surfaces, equipment, sheets, etc.
  • Offering of health insurance, disability insurance and other benefits.


During this pandemic we have, of course, enhanced some of our safety measures by increasing cleaning frequency, staggering appointments, maintain common area social distancing, giving therapists the option to wear masks, etc. While we cannot change the nature of the close physical contact inherent with our profession, and cannot eliminate all risks, we believe our ongoing safety protocols make for a safe and healthy work environment.

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