Consultant, Education Success (MT)
Job Details
Billings, MT - Billings, MT

Are you an educator looking for a flexible schedule? Do you have the passion, commitment, and expertise to deliver professional development to help teachers transform their practices in order to promote a new generation of students who love math and are capable of solving the worlds most challenging problems? MIND Research Institute is dedicated to research on learning, the brain, and developing effective math education programs. MIND's uniquely visual math education process engages the learner's spatial-temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step problems. We are currently seeking an experienced and innovative professional who is able to deliver professional learning, in-person support, and coaching to teachers, schools and districts.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepare for and deliver in-person training on the ST Math program to increase teacher pedagogical content knowledge for teaching math
  • Provide coaching support to help teachers develop and apply skills as a facilitator of learning, who guides students to persevere through problem solving
  • Model strategies to show teachers how to use the games instructionally to make connections from the visuals and concepts learned to abstract mathematics
  • Model classroom lessons using ST Math puzzles and effective teaching practices
  • Connect the ST Math resources and content to standards
  • Use best practices for working with adult learners


  • Previous education experience in the state of work
  • Demonstrate strong ability to facilitate adult learners in coaching and planning situations
  • At least 2 years of experience delivering math professional development
  • At least 5 years of experience teaching math in a K-12 setting
  • Experience as a master teacher, math coach, district leader or administrator preferred
  • Demonstrate expertise with math standards, knowledge of math trends and deep content knowledge (in-depth training will be provided)
  • Deep pedagogical knowledge
  • Bachelor Degree required
  • Experience with ST Math a plus
  • Must be willing to travel
  • Must have year-round availability
  • Typing and data entry skills required

Chosen candidates will participate in a structured training program consisting of online courses, live webinars, and in-person shadowing and support before being asked to deliver training solo.

Master-level consulting skills to:
  • Deliver effective in-person, email, and phone support to educators
  • Regularly monitor and report on progress at the school and district levels
  • Facilitate onsite and online professional development for teachers and building administrators
  • Strategically address fidelity issues ensuring all schools meet the program requirements
  • Conduct regular data meetings with school leadership and provide recommendations for continued success
  • Work independently and as a team
  • Integrate technology into the classroom
  • Re-order curriculum as needed to facilitate local basal programs
  • Foster collaboration and building the MT network by planning and facilitating cohort events and posting/monitoring social media networks
  • Promptly escalate partner account issues to appropriate MIND leaders
  • Serve as an ST Math program expert
  The ability to inspire educators in the following situations:
  • Working directly with teachers and champions to improve math education
  • Consulting with school administrators to maximize the impact of our partnership
  • Strategizing with district administrators around culture-building and data analytics
  • Recruiting new schools to complete a grant application and join the cohort each year
 Expert knowledge of and experience with:
  • Adult learning theory and strategies to engage educators
  • Gathering customer feedback and bringing it back to cross-departmental teams to drive continuous improvement
  • ST Math or other math educational software
 Unparalleled territory management experience to:
  • Make every school and district successful
  • Allocate resources and build schedules to maximize the impact of the team
  • Keep every educator thinking about the next step of their implementation
If you can check off all of the above – we want to talk to you!  This probably also means that you have
5+ years of experience as an educator, your educational background includes a BA/BS degree or even a master’s degree in a related field.  More importantly, you are extremely comfortable with the tools of the trade.
This position in the state. The role does require some travel (up to 60%) and comfort with sharing webcam since the team is remote.