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Elementary School Counselor

Job Details

Lincoln Meadows - Parker, CO


American Academy (AA) is accepting applications for a full-time Elementary School Counselor for the 2023-2024 academic year at our Lincoln Meadows campus. The school counselor will work with school staff, parents and the community to create a caring, supportive climate and atmosphere whereby students can achieve academic success. In addition, the school counselor will implement counseling services in order to support academic achievement, future planning, and social/emotional development.   Having an understanding of unique and diverse challenges, both personally and developmentally, that impact academic achievement of elementary students is essential.

High-Level Responsibilities of a School Counselor:

- Guide individuals and groups of students through the development of educational, personal, social, and future planning

- Counsel individuals and small groups of children toward social and emotional growth

- Provide resources to parents and teachers regarding special programs, specialists, and outside agencies

- Consult with and train teachers, parents and staff regarding children’s needs

- Participate in and facilitate the interventions team process

- Adhere to ethical standards of the counseling profession, and abides by the laws, policies, and procedures that govern American Academy schools


Level-Specific Responsibilities:

- Support students in the successful transition from each grade level.

- Demonstrate age-appropriate counseling practices that meet academic and social/emotional needs

- Customize counseling services to meet individual student and school needs.

- Work with students in acquiring knowledge about and effective use of skills when interacting in the home, academic and peer environments

- Refer and connect students, teachers, and parents to appropriate resources to enhance learning and development

- Work collaboratively within the school environment and with appropriate staff to advance the mission of American Academy and Student Support Services

- Use assessment data to measure student learning and academic growth and analyze results in planning counseling decisions

- Participate in professional development activities to improve knowledge and skills

- Be knowledgeable of and participate in crisis interventions

Salary Range - $45,000 - $60,000 ANNUALLY