Cinematic Designer
Job Details
Optional Work from Home
Full Time
$55,000.00 - $60,000.00
Game Design
Job Description

Deck Nine’s Cinematics team is growing! We are seeking talented Cinematic Designers to join our team in beautiful Westminster, Colorado.

A Cinematic Designers primary role is assisting in the setup, implementation, and maintenance of real-time, in-engine cutscenes. You are responsible for creating complete cinematic sequences that support the director’s vision through the appropriate use of staging, blocking, composition, lighting, and editing. This role includes a heavy emphasis on previsualizing scenes in Blender, Maya, Unreal Sequencer, or a similar platform. Previs animatics will be utilized to help the team visualize moments and answer crucial questions before entering production. Your previs will be used in our motion capture shoots where full body and facial performances are captured. From there you will assemble scenes using Unreal Engine and our proprietary cinematic tool.

While this role is artistic in nature it is also a very technical one. Specifically focusing on problem solving across various departments, logic implementation/planning, and the ability to ensure cinematic integration didn’t cause conflicts with other aspects of the game.

Ultimately, the ideal candidate has a strong sense of how gameplay and cinematics work together to tell a deeply compelling narrative story, an understanding of gameplay pacing and mechanics, and broad technical skills that compliment an artistic eye.

This position can be performed on site or remotely. You must live in the US or Canada.




  • Work with the Cinematic Lead, Narrative, Art, and Design in crafting and implementing high quality cinematic and gameplay moments in our proprietary toolset.
  • Collaborate with Programmers, Tech Art, and other members of the team to improve our tools and pipelines.
  • Craft and maintain layout/previs for cinematic & gameplay content.
  • Attend motion capture shoots(in person or remote) for assigned scenes to ensure proper execution of script and or previs.
  • Participate in giving & receiving critique to ensure scenes are as impactful as they can be.
  • Ensure technical efficiency of cinematic content.


  • Two or more years experience producing cinematic content for games and or film.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of at least two of the following: Editing, Composition, Character Blocking, and Lighting.
  • Strong understanding or willingness to learn the technical execution required as it relates to cinematics in games.
  • Comfortable working with and learning proprietary tools.
  • Experience working with motion capture or having participated in principal photography on a film set.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and taking direction from stakeholders on the needs for a scene.
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.


  • Passion for games and storytelling.
  • Proficiency with Premiere (or Davinci Resolve), After Effects, and Photoshop.
  • A familiarity with narrative driven adventure games (Life is Strange, Detroit: Beyond Human, Wolf Among Us, etc).






Deck Nine Games is an independent game developer dedicated to crafting interactive story games that inspire, transform, and entertain players. Our passion is storytelling games.


Our first narrative game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is loved by fans and has won multiple awards, including Game of Year and was nominated for both a VGA and a BAFTA. If you would like to see our latest work, we have recently released Life is Strang: True Colors. The studio is in sunny Westminster, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains.


As the crafters of stories that encompass the full breadth of life’s experiences, Deck Nine is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and multicultural team in which people from all walks of life feel inspired to do their best work. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and believe deeply in the creativity and strength built from diversity of race, religion, disability, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, and the many other qualities that make us different.