Job Details
Boston Architectural College - Boston, MA
4 Year Degree
Admin - Clerical


This position reports to the Director of Administrative Operations.  The Senior Coordinator of Administrative Operations is primarily responsible for day-to-day aspects of daily and ongoing operations and office management logistics.  Manages the curated access Scheduling Software and space reservation process.  Manages student health insurance enrollment and waiver process. Manages contract monitoring process for the Strategic Resource Plan and budgets. Manages resource purchasing, allocation, and inventory of office supplies & equipment.  Supervises Mailroom/Copy Center staff.  Supports the planning and execution of key College events.




    • Support the Director of Administrative Operations with the Departments Strategic Resource Planning and budgets.


    • Manage supplies and equipment resources, purchasing and inventory operations.  
  • Monitor supplies and equipment inventory and develop balanced just-in-time inventory and storage process to enable optimal resource use in alignment with goals of the Colleges.
  • Initiate purchasing in accordance with the BAC’s purchasing policies and procedures.  
  • Track receipt of goods and allocation/storage of the supplies and equipment.  


    • Responsible for tracking the operations strategic resource plan.
  • focusing on making sure vendors are charging the BAC appropriately as well as incoming payments from external vendor payments.


    • Manage the contract initiation and monitoring process for various office support contracts.
  • Track invoice and contract payments in accordance with contract terms, including rental agreements.
  • Track incoming monies for vending machines and copiers.


  • Lead the administration process for the Student Health Insurance program.
  • Provide support to students with questions regarding the Student Health Insurance program and process for submitting waiver requests and enrollment forms.
  • Process waiver requests forms and notify Bursar for adjustments to student bills.
  • Serve as liaison to the insurance provider.
  • Communicate policies, procedures and cost to students and staff.
  • Coordinate with the Bursar’s office and Finance office for the billing and payment of student?  
  • In collaboration with the Bursar and Controller, conduct fund reconciliations throughout the year.
  • Support the Director of Admissions with required regulatory reporting.
  • Ensure adequate maintenance of control records showing attention to detail, creating audit trails and reconciliation with other departmental records. 


  • Manage and Coordinate select institutional-wide office services.
  • Day-to-day supervising of the contracted mail room/copy room site supervisor and other personnel.
  • Manage the outsourced printing, copying, mailing, shipping, courier services and operations of the College.  
  • Oversee kitchen maintenance at all locations as well as ordering and making sure the mail room/copy room supervisor maintains kitchen supplies and copier supplies campus wide.
  • Support and advise departments with the planning of large print and shipping jobs.


  • Manage Curated Access and space/resource scheduling and set-up process.
  • Monitor our daily Scheduling Software to ensure compliance with current capacity and density requirements.
  • Enter updates to the Scheduling Software System based on changes in space and policies and guidelines.
  • Train and support employees for the use of college’s Scheduling Software system users.
  • Work with various departments to resolve scheduling conflicts in accordance with BAC policy.
  • Collaborate with Security and Facilities to ensure adequate monitoring of individuals on campus, and cleaning and maintenance of space ensuring each space has required resources where needed.
  • Work in collaboration with the Director of Administrative Operations and with Academic Affairs in preplanning classroom and other space requirements to support each semesters course schedule. 
  • Work in collaboration with other College divisions to plan space and resource needs for various college events.


  • Establish/maintain good working relationships with vendors.
  • Work with the mail room and copy center Supervisor to maintain supplies and support around campus.
  • Work with the Security department in understanding the campus policies and procedures.
  • Work in Collaboration with the Office of Student Life and Facilities in managing the creation of and updating of I.D. Badges and access permissions.
  • Work with the Vending machine company for upkeep of supplies and repair needs.


  • Support Event Planning and Coordinate Activities throughout the year as assigned.
  • Participate in new student orientation programs, as required.
  • Coordinate, in conjunction with the Director of Administrative Operations, assigned recurring large college events such as Commencement.
  • Participate in Event Support activities during events as assigned.  Some events may be evenings or weekends.


  • Other duties as required.
  • Develop and maintain process and resource manual for Administrative Operations, Scheduling Software, Security operating procedures and others where needed.
  • Oversees/coordinates specific projects; provides leadership in project management; gathers deliverables from required constituents; tracks, analyzes, and makes recommendations or raises concerns on Strategic Resource Plan budget reports, issue resolution, and program actuals against projected budget, and/or plan.
  • Acts as liaison between departments and makes independent decisions to ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Independently composes high level correspondence and documentation of professional quality. Edits and proofreads all written materials and verifies the validity of data for all documents and reports prior to submission/distribution.



Team and Interpersonal Skills:  Success in this position requires positive relationships with other team members including support staff and senior staff. 


Service Orientation:  Success in this position requires a service-oriented perspective in which, to the greatest extent possible, treats students and employees in such a way that they feel well support and served by a professional representative of the BAC.


Confidentiality and Discretion:  Success in this position requires the ability not only to maintain the confidentiality of student and employee records, but also the ability to discern when it is appropriate to divulge privileged or confidential information (FERPA, HIPPA, etc.).


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Mailroom/Copy Center Supervisor & Staff


EDUCATIONAL criteria:  Bachelor’s degree required. 




  • Higher education or non-profit experience a plus.
  • Previous administration and office management experience a plus.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Must show attention to detail, possess exceptional organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work well collaboratively, take initiative, be self-motivated and maintain congeniality and productivity under pressure.
  • Energetic with demonstrated ability to multi-task.
  • Self – starter, self-motivated
  • Computer literacy, including high competency in PC software, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and be able to learn software and database programs. 
  • Working with Educational platform-PowerCampus, Scheduling Software Platform-SmartWay2, Security Platform-Symmetry/AMAG and Student Insurance Platform.
  • Must be adept with email and the Internet.  A demonstrated willingness to learn is essential.
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise others, self-direct and work independently.
  • Must be physically capable of lifting up to 25lbs for event support.