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Global 6000 Flight Department Manager

Job Details


Priester Aviation is currently searching for a full-time Flight Crew Leader & Captain to lead a Part 91 & 135 Global 6000 flight department in Chicago, IL that will operate approximately 500 hours per year. The ideal candidate is one with vast worldwide international experience of 5+ years, who is engaging, cooperative and a dynamic team that aims to support the needs of the aircraft owner. This position works closely with multiple Priester Aviation departments and serves as the “face” of the Priester team, in support of the Aircraft Owner. This individual will need to possess a strong focus on Safety combined with a can-do approach which is essential for success.


  • Supervises the flight crew to ensure compliance with Priester Aviation policies and procedures
  • Ensures flight operations comply with all applicable regulations and aircraft operations adhere to appropriate operating manuals
  • Ensures flight crew provides professional and friendly interpersonal interactions with the Owner/Client as well as vendor/support personnel. This includes personal appearance, service-based conduct, and solutions-based decision-making.
  • Actively engages in the Safety Management System (SMS) and is familiar with SMS process and initiatives
  • In conjunction with other Priester personnel, develop an annual operating budget
  • Continually seek added efficiencies for flight operations and the flight department
  • Objectively seeks and communicates with Priester Leadership suggested system and process improvement that may be advantageous to the aircraft owner and Priester Aviation
  • Coordinate crew schedule with the Owner Service Executive to ensure maximum aircraft availability including PTO and/or scheduling considerations
  • Participate in the scheduling of crew training events for flight crew and other associated personnel through Priester Training Department
  • Ensures correct communication of flight schedule and any updates with Flight Services.
  • Responsible for working alongside Maintenance Control regarding scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance
  • Work to anticipate and identify operational or flight department issues, answer and/or facilitate answers to crew questions, update and communicate essential information for all flight department team members, and promote Priester Aviation’s culture and goodwill.
  • Promote the integrity, reputation, and good standing of Priester Aviation amongst industry stakeholders, and enhance the image and goodwill of Priester.


  • Global 5000/6000 Experience Required
  • Total Time = 7500 hours
  • PIC = 2500 hours
  • Multi Engine Land = 2500 hours
  • Multi Engine PIC = 1500 hours
  • Turbo Jet Time = 2000
  • Instrument Time = 500 hours
  • First class medical
  • Able to complete ICAO International procedures training annually
  • Must be located or willing to relocate within 2 hours of Chicagoland Area
  • Vision Flight Deck – Preferred
  • Previous 135 Operations Experience - Preferred


A management background with a demonstrated track record of cooperative leadership, mentoring, and teaching is required to be considered for this position.


  • Past managerial, leadership, training, or other applicable leadership training
  • College degree and/or advanced industry training
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills in coordinating activities, identifying problems and answering questions, while promoting department goodwill
  • Previous experience studying/developing additional skills meant to enhance performance within the operation & flight department (safety training education, standards development, risk assessment training, etc.)