Food and Beverage Staff - Part Time
Job Details
Walton Arts Center - Fayetteville, AR
Part Time
High School
$11.00 Hourly

Job Summary

Food and Beverage Staff will provide supervision and/or execution of the food and beverage operations during Walton Arts Center performances. Working mostly nights and weekends, they will be responsible for setup of space to prepare for serving patrons, brief staff and volunteers on the plan for the evening, ensure excellent customer service throughout the event, and execute cleanup and shut down of the space post-event including filing written reports.





    • Maintain positive and respectful relationship with all volunteers.
    • Be prepared, at the direction of the House Manager, to assist with directing patrons and volunteers during any emergency situation (fire, tornado, power outage, threatening persons, etc.) if able.
    • Familiarize themselves with WAC policies, sponsorship and constituents to ensure knowledgeable interactions while providing customer service.
    • Attend department and organization-wide meetings as required and contribute to the conversation.
    • Any and all other tasks assigned by management for which the employee is qualified and physically able to perform with or without reasonable accommodation. 


    • Count the safe and drawers prior to volunteer arrival; distribute cash drawers to volunteers; cash out volunteers and record deposit at end of shift.
    • Brief volunteers and staff 15 minutes prior to opening for patrons regarding the plans for the event and answer questions. 
    • Be available to assist volunteers with any customer service interactions and/or point of sale system needs
    • Observe patron lines and make adjustments as necessary to expedite patrons through their concessions experience. 
    • Ensure that all proper food safety and sanitation requirements are met by volunteers and staff throughout event. 
    • Provide reports on concessions sales and any customer service/inventory issues at end of shift for follow up.


    • Ensure balcony concessions is stocked prior to and during show.
    • Be available to assist volunteers with customer service interactions and/or point of sale system needs.  (Register issues, customer complaints, etc.)
    • Clean/sanitize balcony concessions and kitchen areas at the end of shift. 


    • Ensure beverage area is stocked and orders are filled prior to and during show.
    • Clean/sanitize beverage and kitchen areas at the end of shift. 
    • Enhance guest experience by engaging through listening, actively responding, and addressing any and all issues promptly.
    • Offer additional knowledge about beverages when guests have questions and/or are undecided about offered options. (example: this particular red wine is dry and sweet, this particular beer is very hoppy), offer suggestions when asked.


    • Prepare food with attention to detail regarding food presentation, appropriate quantities and freshness and ensure donor lounge is ready for guests prior to and during show.
    • Brief volunteers regarding the plans for the event, answer questions, and supervise the work of those assigned to lounge throughout duration of event, assisting as needed.
    • Communicate to patrons regarding event timing so that they do not miss the show (flash lights, make announcements as necessary).
    • Ensure that all proper food safety and sanitation requirements are met by volunteers and staff throughout event. 
    • Clean/sanitize lounge and kitchen areas and provide lounge reports at the end of a shift. 


    • Working under the direction of the Events team, provide assistance and execution of beverage setup as necessary for efficient service. 
    • Ensure smooth operation of beverage services through proactive replenishment of product, answering volunteer questions, and busing/cleaning event areas.


  • Must be 21 years of age and comfortable working around/serving alcohol.
  • High school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • Experience and comfort with cash handling, radio communications, and computer technology (point of sale systems, databases)
  • Experience working with volunteers is preferred.
  • Will be required to complete the Trained Crowd Manager course and be certified or trainable in: ServSafe Food Handling and Alcohol Serving and CPR/First Aid.
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time, climb stairs, and lift up to 30 lbs.
  • Must have flexible working hours including the ability to work mostly nights and weekends as required by event schedule.  Generally must be available by 4:00pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.  Shifts are scheduled approx. 4 weeks in advance and subject to change. 
  • Must have strong customer service skills, attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively, decision making capability, and proactive work ethic.