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Corporate Compliance Officer

Job Details

0 Headquarters - New York, NY
Full Time
$135,000.00 - $167,000.00 Salary


Who We Are

Led by highly successful physician executives with a mission to improve health care quality for underserved populations, Rendr is a primary care driven multi-specialty medical group serving approximately 200,000 patients through its 90+ locations in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.


Department: Compliance


Reports to: Board, Board Compliance Committee, with a dotted line reporting relationship to the General Counsel


Location: New York, NY (Hybrid)


Job Position: Compliance Officer

Rendr (or the Company), in furtherance of its mission to support an institutional culture of compliance with law, has designated a Compliance Officer position. The Compliance Officer will oversee and administer the day-to-day activities of the Company’s Compliance Program.


Essential Functions:

The Compliance Officer will report to the Board of the Company through its Board Compliance Committee. The Compliance Officer will be supported through the Legal Department at the Company.

The Compliance Officer will have responsibility for the overall management of the Compliance Program. Duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Dissemination of the Code of Conduct to all employees, vendors and affiliates;
  • Interaction with employees regarding compliance issues and concerns;
  • Oversight of training plan for employee, vendor, and affiliate orientation regarding the Code of Conduct and related policies;
  • Maintenance of a current working knowledge of federal and New York State regulations and development of systems to ensure that changes in substantive law, regulations or billing guidelines are communicated to the Board and affected employees;
  • Conducting periodic review and update of Code of Conduct to ensure that the Code accurately reflects current organizational status and changes in law;
  • Assisting supervisory personnel in development and oversight of appropriate training and internal educational materials;
  • Measurement of compliance by conducting routine and/or focused internal audits of policy/procedure adherence as well as overseeing audits generated by external sources;
  • Reporting to/advising the Board of Managers on compliance-related matters;
  • Development of audit plan for billing and credentialing functions of the Company;
  • Coordination with the Billing Department to determine that adequate periodic assessment, audit and monitoring of billing and coding systems and methodologies are undertaken.
  • Development and update of Company policies to support the Compliance Program.
  • On an ongoing basis, working with management to assess and remediate risks to the Company.
  • Annually, compiling the Compliance Work Plan identifying specific risk areas to be reviewed during the upcoming year, and reporting to the Executive Compliance Committee and Board Compliance Committee on progress relating to such reviews.

Management of Compliance Inquiries:

Another principal function of the Compliance Officer is to respond to employee compliance inquiries and to oversee compliance investigations. In this area, the Compliance Officer will:

  • Establish mechanisms for employee, vendor, affiliate, and patient reporting of compliance concerns (hotline, email drop box, etc.);
  • Through appropriate designees, receive and manage compliance reports;
  • Determine appropriate level of investigation to be undertaken in response to compliance reports;
  • Confer and coordinate with the Legal Department concerning compliance reports;
  • Develop and monitor, in conjunction with management, any corrective action plans;
  • Maintain materials generated in connection with compliance investigations.

Evaluation of Compliance Plan:

  • The Compliance Office will serve as the Chair of the Company’s Senior Management Compliance Committee;
  • The Compliance Office will report no less than quarterly to the Board of the Company concerning compliance activities and the efficacy of the Compliance Plan;
  • The Compliance Officer with regularly liaison with the Compliance Officer of the Company’s affiliated company, CareAbout.



  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • 5+ years of compliance background with a minimum of 3 years in healthcare compliance
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to be self-directed
  • Ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written forms



  • Competitive pay
  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • PTO benefits
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401k with company match
  • And more!