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Job Details

Morrison County Government Center - Little Falls, MN
Part Time
$27.07 - $37.01 Hourly





The Patrol Deputy's basic responsibility is to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Morrison County. A Patrol Deputy is generally the first response to situations requiring a law enforcement presence ranging in levels of assistance from mailbox vandalism to searching for lost persons to homicide investigations. The Patrol Deputy will, in some cases, do the initial investigation and then hand the case off to a criminal investigator from the department. A Patrol Deputy is involved in virtually all aspects of the Morrison County Sheriffs Office, is required to work swing shifts and many holidays and weekends, and in many cases, make decisions at that moment that may drastically affect other peoples lives.




A. Responds to emergency call situations.

  1. Receives direction from the dispatcher to proceed to an emergency call. (An emergency call is a call that requires immediate deputy response and the range from requiring initial emergency first aid to an actual shooting situation or fight).
  2. Proceeds to the location with a squad car running with red lights and siren.
  3. Evaluates the situation upon arrival to determine if more response is needed and to further determine the deputies exact response.
  4. Investigates the situation and brings it to satisfactory conclusion for the time being.


B. Respond to and investigate motor vehicle accidents.


C. Responds to non-emergency situation.

  1. Receives calls for assistance, via the Sheriffs Office Dispatch or citizen complaints directly to the Deputy.
  2. Responds to those complaints after he/she prioritizes them.
  3. Investigates the situation and interprets the proper procedure to be used to bring it to a successful conclusion.


D. Serves Civil Process. (Civil Process is the paper work received from attorneys and banking institutions such as divorce decrees, summons and complaints for unpaid bills, and executions for again, unpaid bills or unsatisfied liens.)

  1. Organizes the civil process received into geographical areas.
  2. Proceeds to serve the civil process upon the proper respondent.
  3. Insures that the copy of the civil process is given to the proper respondent or a proper representative of that respondent.
  4. Maintains a deputy's log book in which the service of the civil process is written down.
  5. Returns the original civil process with the log book to the clerical division for further processing.


E. Enforces traffic laws and regulations.

  1. Monitors the local traffic in Morrison County by use of radar in the squad cars and their own visual and studio capabilities.
  2. Makes traffic stops for the purpose of issuing verbal or written warnings or written traffic citations.
  3. Investigates drunk driving complaints from citizens and those made from their own observations and processes those complaints.


F. Civil Disputes.

  1. Mediates civil child custody disputes during marriage dissolutions and boyfriend/girlfriend arguments/discussions.
  2. Mediates fence line disputes with neighbors along with the assistance of local township boards. Investigates landlord disputes over rental property.


G. Routinely assists the Jail with unruly or dangerous inmates.


H. Courtroom testimony.

  1. Prepares himself/herself for testifying before a judge and/or jury in reference to either civil or criminal proceedings ranging from something as simple as a mailbox vandalism to a homicide investigation.


I. Routine patrol duties.

  1. Completes business and personal property checks on a daily basis.
  2. Transporting of prisoners; male and female, juvenile and adult and intoxicated persons or mentally ill persons both within and outside of Morrison County.
  3. Assisting outside agencies such as the local ambulance or fire departments again, on a daily basis.
  4. Performing good public relations in all aspects of the job on a daily basis.
  5. Routinely perform squad care checks to maintain them in proper working order.
  6. Deliver death or emergency messages.
  7. Attend and successfully complete P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) approved training in order to maintain a Peace Officers License.
  8. Prepares and organizes reports needed for the successful conclusion of their job on a daily basis and meeting the requirement that the reports must be completed before they leave at the end of their shift.


J. Performs other related duties of a comparable level as assigned.



The position is unique in that it requires the individual to work rotating shifts under many different conditions. This position is susceptible to working under wet humid conditions, near moving mechanical parts such as when rescuing people from farm accidents or traffic accidents, extreme weather conditions ranging from hot humid weather to extreme cold weather, along with dusty and dry conditions. There is the risk of exposure to radiation or other dangerous chemicals and further risks working in inadequate lighting or near dark conditions and the added risk of working with people and then being susceptible to contracting the HIV virus or other such viruses.

The position requires driving at high rates of speed on all types of road conditions while responding to stressful emergency calls. The position requires one to deal with hostile and combative persons as well as dealing with people wielding deadly weapons such as guns or knives.

The position also requires one to be responsive to citizen complaints; thus making it necessary to receive phone calls at your home while off duty and personal visits from complainants at your residence while off duty, along with routine interruptions at public places and restaurants while off duty.



  • Must possess a valid class A Peace Officers Standards and Training license.
  • Must possess a valid Minnesota Drivers License.
  • Must be capable of being certified in the use of firearms, PR 24, the expandable baton, and the use of radar.
  • Must be capable of being trained in self-defense tactics and chemical agent usages.
  • Must possess the ability to work alone without direct supervision.
  • Must possess the ability to make difficult decisions under stressful conditions, which require immediate attention.
  • Must have the ability to maintain strict self-control even under stressful conditions.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of Minnesota Criminal Statutes and Traffic Statues.
  • Must have the ability to understand, interpret and apply policies and procedures, rules and regulations and laws.
  • Must have the ability to prepare clear, accurate and comprehensive reports.
  • Must have the ability to successfully communicate with co-workers and general public.

While the entry-level qualifications do not require certification in the following areas, the Morrison County Sheriffs Office does maintain a certified dive team and canine force, along with a water patrol force. These are extra duties for individuals who have volunteered to partake in those areas. There is a great deal of additional training that is required of the officers in those specialized fields.