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Workforce Management Analyst

Job Details

Lighthouse Works - Orlando, FL
Full Time
Bachelors Degree - 4 Years
Contact Center


Lighthouse Works is a mission-driven, values-based organization providing creative, competitive, and integrated employment opportunities for blind and visually-impaired working-aged individuals in Central Florida. Lighthouse Works also drives real business for real customers that supports and grows the rehabilitation training at Lighthouse Central Florida.

Basic Function:

We are seeking a Contact Center Workforce Management Analyst who is responsible for maximizing the performance of the contact centers by analyzing real-time statistics and will also be accountable for intra-day staff adjustments (including OT and VTO) to help manage occupancy and ASA through real-time monitoring and analysis of contact volumes, AHT, and staffing requirements compared to forecast. Other real-time adjustments include setting primary/secondary/reserve skilling and maintaining adherence to the staffing lines.

Essential Job Requirements:

  • Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
  • Build, review, analyze and assess forecasts for accuracy.
  • Update intraday (interval) contact volume and average handle time forecasts for all call types and campaigns based on projections and real-time trends.
  • Make manual adjustments in WFM system(s) to account for out-of-pattern days, including days after holidays, events, or outages.
  • Analyze historical performance and assess future impacts to accurately forecast next-day metrics and projected performance to reflect current staffing requirements.
  • Enter adjustments into the system to obtain accurate staffing needs.
  • Analyze and manage intraday staffing to balance staff requirements and compliance with forecast agreements.
  • Provide guidance and coordinate contact center operations teams to administer real-time overtime (OT) and voluntary time off (VTO) activities.
  • Communicate to identify trends in absenteeism, turnover, and other events impacting staffing availability.
  • Make real-time adjustments to staffing forecasts in WFM systems, including shrinkage, to provide the most accurate and up-to-date view of staffing forecast to requirements.
  • Instruct and coordinate optimal intraday scheduling of team meetings, supervisor coaching sessions, training, and other scheduled off-phone (shrinkage) activities.
  • Monitor real-time call statistics, schedule adherence, and communicate with contact center leadership to ensure on-phone and off-phone activity is managed efficiently throughout the day.
  • Develop and communicate intraday service level and occupancy analysis to highlight events that cause the Contact Center to miss a goal in any contact type.
    • Analysis should be thorough, self-explanatory, and detailed
      • Cause of the miss
      • Quantified impact of the miss
      • Resolution time
      • Root cause identified
  • Proactively escalate service level and occupancy opportunities to the contact center leadership team.
  • Interface with internal departments when call routing and tool issue anomalies are presented so the impact is fully scoped and the proper escalation paths are followed for timely resolution.
  • Assess and analyze all activities in the post-day period, recommend action plans to strengthen results, and monitor the implementation of activities to achieve those results.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor's degree in statistics, business, related field, or equivalent experience preferred.


  • 2+ years of workforce management scheduling and forecasting required.
  • 2+ years of inbound contact center experience required.
  • Experience working with individuals with disabilities preferred.

Demonstrated Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of Genesys Workforce Management or similar application (NICE, IEX, Blue Pumpkin, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of contact center metrics
  • Understanding of arrival patterns and dependencies
  • Acute sense of urgency
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including functions, formulas, pivot tables, and charting
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience handling multiple projects and tasks
  • Ability to make decisions and solve problems while working under pressure
  • Exhibits exceptional judgment and initiative to accomplish job duties
  • Ability to work independently

Physical Demands:

  • Prolonged sitting and standing for extensive periods.
  • Frequent computer, keyboard, telephone, and other office equipment operation.
  • Occasional reaching, stooping, crouching, or lifting to 25 pounds.


  • Must pass Level II background check.

For employees living with visual impairments, you must provide documentation from a physician of legal blindness. Legal blindness is defined as: "Central visual acuity does not exceed 20/200 in the better eye with correcting lenses OR whose visual acuity, if better than 20/200, is accompanied by a limit to the field of vision in the better eye to such a degree that its widest diameter subtends an angle no greater than 20 degrees." These conditions are based on the federal Javits-Wagner-O'Day work program for legally blind individuals.

The employment policy of Lighthouse Central Florida and Lighthouse Works is to provide equal opportunity to all persons. Our company, therefore, has committed to equal employment opportunity through a positive and continuing affirmative action program. Lighthouse Central Florida and Lighthouse Works will recruit, hire, train, and promote qualified individuals in all job titles and ensure that all other personnel actions are administered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, military, and veteran status, or disability.

All descriptions have been reviewed to ensure that only essential functions and primary duties have been included. Requirements, skills, and abilities have been determined to be the minimal standards required to perform the positions successfully. In no instance, however, should the duties, responsibilities, and requirements delineated be interpreted as all-inclusive. Additional functions and conditions may be assigned by supervisors as deemed appropriate.

The Americans with Disabilities Act may modify requirements to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals. However, no accommodations will be made that may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or impose undue hardships on the organization.