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Account Manager

Job Details

Scottsdale, AZ
Full Time


*We are not currently hiring for this position but we are always on the lookout for potential candidates. Submit your resume and we will reach out if your application matches a new opening.*

What makes an ideal fit for TJA is a candidate that possesses the desire to take an intrapreneurial approach to their personal growth and a desire to impact the overall success of the company through their actions. Understanding that performing the job with excellence has a direct impact on the ability of the company to provide financial incentives and exciting opportunities to team members.

The account manager is responsible for leading meaningful dialogue with the client that elicits the information needed for the team to produce work that will meet the client’s business goals and exceed their expectations.


  • Understanding all facets of the client, their business and their expectations
  • Understanding the right mix of agency services to fulfill a client’s needs
  • Quarterbacking developing the strategy for the client’s engagement
  • Collaborating with directors and other team members to make their jobs easy and effective
  • Communicating effectively with the client
    • Thoughtful, articulate emails
    • Timely replies or acknowledgments when more time is needed to respond
    • Bringing a positive ‘spin’ where necessary, even with bad news
    • Knowing how to position information in such a way that the client will respond positively
    • Never sending angry, critical or defensive emails
    • Knowing when to pick up the phone vs. sending an email vs. meeting in person
    • Decoding client emails to understand what they really need
    • Knowing the right questions to ask to get clarity
    • Reading body language to understand mood/receptivity
    • Connecting with the client on a personal level to build trust
  • Connecting with the client on a personal level to build trust
  • Demonstrating thought-leadership in Marketing, Advertising, and the client’s industry
  • Deepening the client relationship to expand TJA’s partnership and scope of work
    • Proactively identifying new opportunities to the client to show value
    • Communicating new opportunities internally for the team to take advantage of
    • Being out in front of client needs or requests wherever possible to show we’re listening
  • Knowing when to ‘push back’ and how to do so respectfully
  • Understanding the financial status of a client and the profit margin represented to the agency
  • Crafting LOIs, Proposals, Change orders, estimates
  • Being a stellar speaker/presenter
  • Creating harmony
  • Problem-solving
  • Being knowledgeable about the industry, evolving trends, and all disciplines within the agency
  • Being a representative of the agency in the outside world
  • Leading and referree-ing meetings



  • 5 years agency experience required
  • Owning client relationships and strategic execution against a client’s goals
  • Presenting agency work product
  • Developing estimates and scopes of work
  • Managing project-based and retainer client partnerships