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General Application, Retail

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Our Purpose:

At Lovesac, were committed to helping people fill their homes with Total Comfort. That means having furniture that can evolve along with them as life unfolds.
From Sactionals The Worlds Most Adaptable Couch, to Sacs The Worlds Most Comfortable Seat, Lovesac products provide peace of mind where others cant. Our products can adapt to fit almost any space and style and look like new forever. This enables a new way of living, where people can continue to invest in, add to, and evolve their furniture instead of adding it to the landfill which is good for families and our environment.

What We Believe:

Love. Its the name we live up to. Its purposefully and meaningfully woven into every aspect of our business. We champion building meaningful relationships as we foster a culture that embraces and celebrates the experiences, beliefs, backgrounds, expertise, talent, and individuality of everyone. We seek to promote love and happiness with all that we do. #LoveMatters

Were committed to working and succeeding by incorporating our Guiding Principles into everything we do:

We can all win together
Doing less and doing better
Were borrowing this earth from our children
Home is where life happens
Love Matters

Lovesac Core Values

Audacious Dreamers
Willing to sweep the floors

Aspirational Values

Customer Centricity
Only A Players
Executional Excellence

Table-Stakes Values

Insatiable Learning


Dont see a specific job near you that matches your qualifications? Please fill out the general application as we are always looking to hire new talent to join the Lovesac field team!