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Senior Manager of Housing

Job Details

Oakland - Jefferson Office - Oakland, CA
Full Time
4 Year Degree
$95,000.00 - $110,000.00 Salary


Position Title: Senior Housing Program Manager  


Supervisory Responsibility: Intake Specialists, Project Manager, and Housing Services Supervisor. 

Position Summary: This position has primary responsibility for developing and leading program services and maintaining program excellence within the Housing Services (HS) Division in both Alameda and Contra Costa counties, including ensuring compliance with best-practice and industry standards and requirements. This position will oversee current agency programs including eviction prevention and housing support for low-income households, and rapid resolution services to those at-risk of homelessness. This position will also lead to the expansion and development of new services within the program, including overseeing the housing programs budget, grant funds, and program implementation. 

Responsibilities: All responsibilities will be in line with the Council on Accreditation (COA) standards including:  

Overall Leadership: 

  • Commitment to Mission and Organizational Sustainability: Model commitment to Catholic Charites’ mission and planning for sustainable organizational future of service. 

  • Collaboration – Internal: Work with other agency members to create and continually represent a unified leadership perspective. 

  • Collaboration – External: Create and maintain effective and fruitful relationships with community partners, elected officials, media, and corporations. 

  • Leadership: With the other members of the Senior Management and Resource Team (SMART), ongoing work toward maintaining a results-oriented, learning organization culture to increase overall impact. 

Strategic Management: 

  • Lead divisional strategic decision making 

  • Contribute to agency strategic decision making 

Culture of Philanthropy: 

  • Conducts job responsibilities with skill and care and represents the work of the program, division, and agency to internal and external stakeholders as needed. 

Essential Responsibilities: 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will provide overall development and supervision of housing services provided to the communities of the East Bay. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will work with the Chief Program Officer to ensure that the program is directed by agency goals and priorities as indicated in the Strategic Plan. 

  • Develops realistic and measurable objectives for the Housing Department. Provides leadership to program staff ensuring that the client services meet or exceed contractual performance goals; ensures delivery of services in accordance with contracted guidelines. 

  • Develops program budgets and ensures expenditures comply with approved budgets; monitors and evaluates budget issues and recommends corrective action. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will be responsible for developing a culturally competent environment, culturally competent policies and procedures, and culturally competent literature. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will monitor performance goals for each staff member and provide each staff with annual performance evaluations and performance improvement plans when necessary. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager coaches’ staff in the development of their work plans, their assigned duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will ensure model fidelity to evidence-based practices and program designs used to deliver high-quality, effective housing services, including eviction prevention and rapid resolution. In accordance with COA standards, will maintain a culture of continuous quality improvement, through evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the services and regular outcomes measurement and analysis. 

  • This position will coordinate the training needs of all staff, forming a highly effective team to accomplish the Division’s short and long-term goals and meeting the needs of staff related to program and funder needs. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will perform managerial duties to include interviewing applicants for employment; assigning and reviewing progress of assignments; conducting performance appraisals; and develop higher levels of expertise in staff members by encouraging further education, participation in seminars and providing learning opportunities within the Division. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will represent our agency to other organizations as assigned, at community functions, and at other events as requested. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will attend agency administrative and program leadership team meetings, and act as facilitator when appropriate. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will attend community meetings and trainings to keep abreast of current information about community resources. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager will assist in recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers, where appropriate. 

  • This position establishes strategic partnerships with other agencies, parishes, and community organizations, and ensure the ongoing success of these collaborative relationships. 

  • Other duties as assigned. 

Financial and Administrative: 

  • The Senior Housing Manager has major financial and administrative responsibilities that contribute to the successful running of the program as well as positively impact the overall agency. 

  • This position will work with the Finance Department, and is responsible for tracking revenues and expenses, reviewing financial statements, compiling projections, ensuring appropriate levels of spending within approved budget and grant allowable- cost guidelines, and making adjustments to spending and allocations based on changes in revenue mix and business environment. The Senior Housing Manager is the primary budget preparer and will participate in and be prepared for monthly financial reviews. 

  • This position will work with the Human Resources Department to ensure all required paperwork for leaves of absences, performance evaluations, change in status forms (class forms), and job requisitions are completed and submitted in accordance with Department guidelines. 

  • The Senior Housing Manager is responsible for ensuring that all timesheets, requests for time off, and approvals of timecards in Paycom are completed and submitted on time, in accordance with Payroll deadlines. 

Grants and Reporting: 

  • The Senior Housing Manager plays a key role in the development of grants opportunities to further the work of the department in alignment with the strategic direction of the organization. 

  • This position will work directly with the Grants Management team to help identify possible funders, cultivate and maintain relationships with new and existing funders, and help in the preparation of grants proposals, establishing goals and outcomes, and preparing budgets. 

  • This position will support the Grants Management team including assisting with report preparation, prepare and submit data for program reports on agency goals and grant deliverables, acting as liaison with contract administrators and ensuring that the required levels of service are maintained 


  • Assist Chief Program Officer in working towards overall sustainability of Catholic Charities. 

  • Assist Chief Program Officer in implementing best practices across all offices. 

  • HS will have processes for indicator measurement, quality and review. 

  • HS will have accurate data collection for grant reporting and proposals. 

Core Competencies: 

  • Ability to plan, organize, and direct homelessness prevention programs. 

  • Ability to develop and articulate mission, goals, and objectives and implement and monitor policies, procedures, and standards of service for homelessness prevention programs. 

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with State, federal, agency and community representatives, and staff. 

  • Ability to determine the need and priority of programs; recommend allocation of resources and participate in short and long range budget planning and preparation. 

  • Ability to understand, analyze, and project budget costs and manage programs within budgetary limitations.  

  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing, including the preparation of administrative, technical and statistical reports. 

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all levels of agency and program stakeholders. 

  • Ability to implement and monitor policies, procedures standards of treatment for mental health and violence prevention programs. 

  • Cultural competence: African American, Latino, traumatized populations 

Salary Range $95,000 - 110,000



  • BA in social work, of related human services field preferred. 

  • Three to 5 years providing social services to the homeless of similar high-risk population. 

  • Three to 5 years supervising direct service staff. 

  • Experience developing and supporting trauma-informed services. 

  • Experience with diverse socio-economic and cultural groups. 

  • Experience working collaboratively with other social service organizations. 

  • Experience in community relations with excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills   

  • A commitment to teamwork and an integrated approach to client services with experience forming collaborations. 

  • Knowledge of methods and principles of planning, developing, implementing and coordinating mental health and violence prevention programs. 

  • Knowledge of principles and practices of contract administration, financing, fiscal management, budget development and expenditure control. 

  • Knowledge of state laws and regulations governing the operation and administration of mental health programs. 

  • Knowledge of the application and effectiveness of multidisciplinary behavioral health treatment modalities including best practices services model used in a comprehensive behavioral health program. 

  • Knowledge of community needs, existing services, gaps in services and trends in behavioral health programs. 

  • Knowledge of personnel management and principles of effective supervision. 

  • Willingness to participate in CCEB quality assurance activities as specified by the agency.   

  • Commitment to the mission and goals of Catholic Charities of the East Bay.