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Creative Arts Therapist (Fee for Service)

Job Details

195 Montague Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 - Brooklyn, NY
Graduate Degree
$37.00 - $63.00 Hourly


Creative Art Therapist, LCAT




About Graham:

In full partnership with families & communities, we strive to make a life-altering difference to children, youth & families affected by abuse, neglect and delinquency. We have cultivated a strong evidenced-based organizational culture, supported by clear goals, targeted action planning, accurate measurements and a unique merit-based employee evaluation system, that keeps us engaged in a sustained and disciplined effort to get better, so our children and families can get better.


About the Mental Health & Wellness Clinic:

Graham Windham’s Community Mental Health & Wellness Clinic is an Article 31 OMH program that offers a variety of evidence-based treatment for children, youth, young adults, and their families from the age of 5-25 years of age, based on our comprehensive psychiatric and biopsychosocial evaluations. We offer individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, psychopharmacology management, and support services. Our Harlem clinic offers walk-in hours for immediate mental health assessments. Each treatment plan is created in collaboration with the client based on the needs of the individual client. We also offer bilingual services in Spanish. 


 Job Functions:


  • Provide creative arts therapy, psychotherapy and counseling. Encourage an environment that fosters and enhances creativity, socialization, and promotes physical and mental health.
  • Conduct goal-oriented structured therapeutic sessions that utilize creative arts techniques and principles for an assigned caseload in music, art, and/or dance.
  • Recognize, address and utilize therapeutic creative arts interventions to facilitate mastery, coping skills, and creative expression for children and youth who have experienced trauma.
  • Assist in operating, maintaining and purchasing equipment and other materials/resources necessary for creative art therapy sessions, i.e., presentation equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Provide, implement and coordinate comprehensive initial and ongoing assessments and treatment plan for new intake clients and then ongoing for clients on caseload.
  • Collaborate with client, collaterals and their multi-disciplinary clinical treatment team (i.e. psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, foster care team, care management, care coordination, etc.) in developing, reviewing and modifying the treatment plan and as issues arise. Monitor and evaluate clients’ progress and modify treatment plans as needed.
  • Provide engagement and rapport with the purpose of fostering an individual’s commitment to engage in a therapeutic relationship and attend therapy regularly. Explore motivation, resistance to therapy and attendance as needed.
  • Maintain electronic records and documentation according to the standards and timeframes established by OMH, Medicaid regulations and Graham policies and procedures.
  • Maintain expected levels of productivity and provide quality care as defined by regulatory agencies and Graham.
  • Manage up reportable incidents as well as complete necessary documentation.
  • Coordinate the discharge planning process. Identify the resources and supports needed for transition to another program and make necessary referrals, linkages for treatment, rehabilitation and support services.
  • Be actively self-reflective & self-aware of how clinical and administrative practice affects clients, families, and the communities we serve. Be open and willing to receive constructive feedback.
  • Approach work with an anti-racism lens and be open to continuously learning and professional growth.
  • Participate in clinical meetings, staff meetings, trainings, supervision, case conferences, etc.
  • Maintain professional behaviors and ethical standards as established by licensing board and Graham. Uphold the privacy of patient, client or protected member health information.




  • NYS LCAT Licensed Creative Arts Therapist Required
  • Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapy Required
  • Level of expertise in a specific creative art, such as art, music, and/or dance.
  • Able to work evenings and/or Saturdays.
  • 1 year of post masters experience of clinical experience with children/adolescents/families 
  • High degree of computer literacy
  • Experience in an Article 31 Mental Health Clinic preferred
  • Demonstrated experience with diverse populations preferred