Senior Managing Attorney
Job Details

NJP is adding to its leadership team in response to organizational growth and ongoing needs for staff professional development, and effective, impactful performance of NJP’s field offices and statewide units.  NJP seeks applications from qualified attorneys to fill the role of Senior Managing Attorney.  This position provides management support, supervision, and direct assistance to NJP’s Managing Attorneys at its three King County Offices and other field offices/statewide units.  


The Senior Managing Attorney is a member of the Statewide Advocacy Team (comprised of the Director of Advocacy, Senior Managing Attorney - Client Access, two other regional Senior Managing Attorneys, and Statewide Advocacy Counsel (4)) to support NJP’s race equity commitments, mission and commitment to promote the long-term well-being of NJP’s client communities.  The Senior Managing Attorney reports to the Director of Advocacy.



The Senior Managing Attorney will serve as the primary supervisor for a regional team of Managing Attorneys.  The Senior Managing Attorney will collaborate closely with the Managing Attorneys, the Statewide Advocacy Team and the Executive Management team to identify, develop, adopt and implement best practices to provide consistent, effective management and supervision of high-quality legal services to NJP’s varied client communities.  The Senior Managing Attorney is responsible for communicating Executive Management initiatives to Managing Attorneys, implementing NJP management expectations and competencies; and, other essential management needs as necessary.  The Senior Managing Attorney will work with Executive Management to incorporate and apply Managing Attorneys’ ideas and perspectives to these initiatives, and for communicating Managing Attorney initiatives, needs and perspectives to Executive Management.  The Senior Managing Attorney will work closely with the Senior Managing Attorney – Client Access to implement office-based systems appropriate to office needs and program uniformity; and support priority setting and community engagement. 


Office Support and Resource Coordination

  • Assists in identifying opportunities and solutions to improve efficiencies in and between individual offices and program-wide
  • Works with Managing Attorneys and other internal stakeholders to develop systems that will result in more consistent and efficient practices and helps implement adoption and use of improved systems 
  • Approves budgeted office and unit hiring and staffing decisions 
  • Helps facilitate the annual case service priority setting process to ensure compliance with program policy and grant requirements, identify the most pressing legal needs in the community, and provide support to Managing Attorneys, office staff, and the statewide advocacy team.
  • As part of the SMA team, provide ongoing support to field offices regarding compliance with client intake and eligibility requirements.
  • Coordinates regular in-person meetings among Managing Attorneys to facilitate statewide cooperation, idea-sharing, peer support, and mentorship.
  • Assists Managing Attorneys to incorporate NJP’s commitment to race equity into office operations, regional case work and priority setting


Community Engagement 

  • Provides support to Managing Attorneys in developing and carrying out inclusive office/unit community engagement plans, specifically seeking out marginalized or traditionally underserved communities
  • As part of the SMA team, encourages and assists in developing intake models and building relationships with affected stakeholders within the model service area
  • Encourages and assists in developing relationships within the region’s communities, key partners and stakeholders
  • Identifies and helps the Managing Attorney take advantage of local grant or delivery systems opportunities and partnerships within the assigned region
  • Incorporates NJP’s commitment to race equity into the regional community engagement plan 
  • As part of the SMA team, coordinates program-wide language access policies, practice, and other access related issues


Professional Development of Office/Unit Staff

The Senior Managing Attorney provides regular professional assessments, including case reviews of Managing Attorneys and assists in identifying resources to develop Managing Attorneys’ skills and tools related to supporting, motivating, and challenging staff in their daily work.  In addition, the Senior Managing Attorney supports the Managing Attorneys with the following: 

  • The effective day-to-day supervision of advocates and support staff 
  • Identifying, addressing, and/or creating staff leadership and performance opportunities 
  • Training and professional development needs of staff
  • Recognition and visibility for staff accomplishments within NJP and externally              
  • Addressing performance deficiencies, and other personnel related issues.



The Senior Managing Attorney, in coordination with Executive Management, is responsible for supporting Managing Attorneys in leading their office/unit in a manner that implements and furthers:

  • NJP hiring practices
  • Program process related to performance review of office/unit staff;
  • NJP’s Race Equity and Justice Initiatives 
  • Administrative and accounting procedures, including timekeeping and grant compliance
  • Personnel policies
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • NJP Program Policies 
  • Caseload guidelines 
  • Other policies and procedures as from time to time established and/or revised by NJP


Resource and Work Allocation

On a broader program level, the Senior Managing Attorney will work collaboratively to:  

  • Promote balanced and equitable distribution of work throughout the program 
  • Assist in identifying solutions for temporary staff capacity needs caused by pending work commitments, staff and Managing Attorney transitions and leaves, and other staff activities that may impact the ability of any given staff member to carry a full caseload
  • As part of the SMA team, assess and implement changes as needed to conflicts system and ensure training of legal assistants and other field office intake staff accordingly.
  • Serve as a resource to Executive Management regarding allocation of staff throughout region and program
  • As part of the SMA team, ensure race equity in resource and work allocation.
  • As part of the SMA team, assess and implement changes to training for legal assistants and other professional non-advocate staff accordingly as part of the Senior Management team. 


The Senior Managing Attorney will carry out these responsibilities through frequent engagement with the Managing Attorneys, in coordination with the Client Access Manager and Statewide Advocacy Team, both in-person and remotely. Travel throughout the assigned region is required.


Equity and Inclusion

NJP has adopted the Washington Race Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) and is organizationally committed to fight racism and to incorporate equity and inclusion in our advocacy work and our internal systems and work environment. NJP expects all staff to uphold the REJI commitments and approach their role with a desire to learn and grow in this area. The Senior Managing Attorney plays a critical leadership role in advancing NJP’s REJI commitments and our work to center race equity in advocacy determinations, support staff’s anti-racist growth and development, and is committed to identify, and work to address NJP’s shortcomings and challenges in advancing our REJI commitments

  • Active membership in Washington State Bar Assn. or qualified for admission by motion 
  • Demonstrated commitment to legal aid or public interest law and experience engaging with racial equity initiatives.
  • Commitment to advancing racial equity in legal advocacy and management of staff;
  • Demonstrated understanding of the complexities of providing legal services to diverse client communities within the service area or similar area, including experience with geographic service delivery challenges and relationships with service providers and stakeholders
  • Experience leading professionals and work teams in a legal environment
  • Experience identifying improvements to law office operations or systems
  • Substantial experience using legal advocacy tools/processes to achieve strategic objectives
  • Experience with the diverse professional development needs of staff
  • Non-directive and empowering management skills with anti-oppression lens 
  • Excellent communication, listening, and conflict resolution skills 
  • Inclusive facilitation skills, ability to form effective relationships and build trust within a diverse environment

•    Ability to engage with community-wide stakeholders and partners within the service regions


CompensationStarting salary is $110,000 with salary depending on years of management and attorney experience.  


Application deadline: December 10, 2021.


NJP is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and fosters an environment free of barriers and discriminatory practices. NJP actively promotes mutual respect, acceptance, teamwork and productivity. NJP is committed to maintaining an organization whose staff, Board and clients are diverse in background, experience, race, color, national origin, gender, age, religious reference, marital status, sexual orientation, sensory, mental or physical abilities, veteran status, and other qualities that strengthen the program while reinforcing its commitment to basic fairness. People of color, people who identify as transgender, lesbian, gay, or bisexual, and those with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Individuals needing a reasonable accommodation for the application or interview process or for more information about the project should contact Karen Holland at (206) 707-0802.