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Job Details

Morrison County Government Center - Little Falls, MN
Full Time
$22.39 - $30.64 Hourly


Applications will be accepted through 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.



The Correctional Officer reports directly to the Jail Administrator and is responsible for the safe and secure housing of inmates at the Morrison County Jail. The Correctional Officer creates an atmosphere for both the staff and inmates that allows access to a variety of programs to enable the inmates to better themselves while incarcerated at the Morrison County Jail and to prepare them for their reentry into the community. The Correctional Officer is responsible for the acceptance of inmates from local authorities and other jurisdictions, classifying the inmates once accepted into the proper cell block areas based on their behavior and placing those inmates into the proper programs. The Correctional Officer has to use interpersonal communication skills on a regular basis to maintain a safe, secure jail while remaining very flexible as priorities are changing constantly with additional inmates coming and going, and disruptions in the jail. The Correctional Officer may supervise inmates while operating as a Sentence to Service Crew Leader.



FREQUENCY/WT. Daily 10-60%

A. Ensures the safety of other staff, volunteers and inmates housed at the facility; responsible for jail security.


B. Supervises inmates daily; is responsible for all the inmates care while incarcerated in the facility.

  1. Delivers the inmates to the various activities and programs sponsored by the jail. (AA meetings, ministerial meetings, educational seminar and the like).

  2. Accesses the medical and physical conditions of the inmates, and ensures that needs are addressed.

  3. Intervenes in verbal or physical disputes amongst the inmates, and takes appropriate action. The C.O. is exposed to physical danger during these interventions.

  4. Utilizes interpersonal communication skills when dealing with inmates on a regular basis, as inmates are many times upset and have quite volatile tempers.


C. Provides a variety of deliveries of service and interactions to inmates on a daily basis.

  1. Delivers food to the inmates on a regular basis.
  2. Dispenses proper medication to the inmates. The medication dispensed have to be logged and very closely monitored. The medication log is set up by the jail Nurse and the medication orders must be closely adhered to.
  3. Picks up and delivers mail to and from the inmates, laundry service to the inmates, and dispenses hygiene items and PX items.
  4. Ensures inmates have access to their attorneys and legal advisors.

FREQUENCY/WT. Daily 10-60%

D. Operates and performs specific functions from three specific stations: master control officer; roving officer; and booking officer. All three of these positions are rotated through on each shift by the officers on duty.

  1. The Master Control Officer is responsible for the operation of all security hardware and cameras in the facility. The incumbent is responsible for incoming and outgoing phone calls, the monitoring of inmate movement from one area to another, and knowing where all other officers are within the secure area of the jail. The Master Control Officer coordinates with the Court and County Attorneys office, the transporting of inmates to and from the county courtrooms. The Master Control Officer also coordinates and monitors any emergency response to the facility.
  2. The Roving Officer is responsible for moving from cellblock to cell block and interacting with inmates in the different housing units. Both male and female inmates are housed in the Morrison County Jail. The Roving Officer is responsible for the daily care of the inmate ranging from delivery of personal hygiene items to getting the inmates to classes, or intervening in disputes amongst the inmates. The Roving officer has to respond to emergency situations in the jail that many times require physical force or interpersonal communication skills to settle the disturbance.
  3. The Booking Officer position is responsible for the acceptance or denial of inmates brought into the facility by County Officers or other agencies. The Booking Officer interviews the inmate after he or she is brought in. Information is received from the inmate and proper forms are filled out. The inmate is then initially classified by the Booking Officer and placed in an appropriate cell until the Program Coordinator makes a further classification of the inmate. The Booking Officer is responsible for obtaining information from the inmate and then entering that information into the Morrison County computer system and into the State computer system. The Booking Officer conducts a pat down or strip search of the inmate as appropriate. The Booking Officer takes personal effects including money from the inmate and has to account for all such items.
  4. The Huber Officer is responsible for supervising and attending to the needs of inmates housed in the lower level Huber dormitory. Huber Officer regulates, searches and documents the inmates coming to and going from the Huber dormitory.

FREQUENCY/WT. Daily 10-60%

E. Provides supervision to inmates as a sentence to service crew leader. (Not all correctional officers are STS crew leaders, but several are trained to be STS crew leaders).

  1. Works outside the jail facility with inmates that are of a non-violent offender classification. The sentence to service crew leader works with the inmates on non-profit community projects.
  2. Supervises and motivates the inmates on the work crew in an attempt to instill good work habits while maintaining safety and security
  3. Maintains, repairs and orders equipment needed for the particular projects they are working on.
  4. Plans, organizes and schedules with the particular community agencies, times when the projects can be completed. The STS crew leader prepares needed reports.
  5. Monitors his/her crew while using power tools such as chainsaws, brush cutters and construction tools such as hammers, wrecking bars, etc.

FREQUENCY/WT. Quarterly 10%

F. Performs other job duties and projects in accordance with Morrison County policies and procedures as directed by the Assistant Jail Administrator.

  1. Attends and participates in workshops, continuing educational programs, committees, boards, seminars, in-service training, etc., as approved.
  2. Follows established safety and infection control policies and procedures, and participates in all required in-service training regarding fire safety, disaster preparedness, infection control, and safety regulations.
  3. Maintains work areas in a sanitary and safe manner, and follows departmental dress code.
  4. Follows all established safety procedures and precautions when operating office equipment.



The C.O. is routinely required to walk on flat surfaces, climb stairs, or be confined to a seated position or small area depending on which work station the position is assigned to. The C.O. must be able to push, pull, lift or carry up to 150 pounds and must be in good physical condition in order to endure the physical demands of the job.

The C.O. is routinely exposed to contagious diseases such as HIV virus or Hepatitis.

The C.O. works with hostile, irate inmates and many times is exposed to hostile or irate family members.

The C.O. often times chooses to have an unlisted phone number due to the type of clients that they routinely work with. Many times the C.O. is approached at a public place, such as a dining hall or a local tavern by an irate former inmate or relative of an inmate and this creates added stress to the correctional officers life.



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to be certified as a first responder.
  • Ability to use of fire extinguishers, hand-held 2-way radios and emergency medical jump kits.
  • Ability to push, pull, carry or drag up to 150 pounds.
  • Ability to be trained in self-defense tactics including interpersonal communication skills and pressure point techniques and the use of force.
  • Ability to make independent and immediate decisions.
  • Ability to remain calm under extremely stressful situations.
  • Ability to prepare clear, concise reports.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • A working knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system and how the three components, of the judicial, law enforcement and corrections inter-act.
  • Ability to successfully complete continuing education required in all aspects of a Correctional Officer.
  • Ability to promote good public relations, and the ability to interact with fellow workers, subordinates, supervisors and other County employees.