Production Technician
Job Details
HQ - Hinesburg, VT
Full Time
$20.00 - $27.00 Hourly

The successful candidate will work both independently and in a team to build and assemble wind sensors (vanes and anemometers), instruments, and/or data loggers. After initial product and manufacturing system training, the employee can work independently and build established production products. The work environment requires the employee to continuously learn more skills and production systems. In addition, this employee could provide training, champion production processes and lead small improvement projects.

Note that daily tasks may be repetitive. Our work environment models a lean manufacturing operation and is typically busy and open.

This is a full-time position in the manufacturing department and reports to our Production Group Leader. This position will work in partnership with the production team to achieve the goals of the department that are in line with the company strategic plan, and will embrace the high standards of NRG ethics and core values.


Primary Responsibilities:

Daily activities may include:

  • Mechanical assembly and testing of electronic components
  • Soldering
  • Quality control tasks
  • Packaging

Other activities include:

  • Training fellow co-workers
  • Participating or leading process improvement projects
  • Working on non-standard products
  • Assuming responsibility for the production quality, consistency, and integrity of company products or processes. (Championing)
  • Assisting Team Leaders

Once employee is trained and certified:

  • Employee will be required to work alone, be self-directed and solve day-to-day issues
  • Employee has total responsibility for product quality and process integrity
  • Employee can make decisions on work priority and personal schedules in order to meet teams daily requirements.



  • Preferred: Two-year Electrical degree with four years of production experience or four-year technical degree with two years of production experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to read and write manufacturing processes/instructions and interpret/follow basic instructions
  • Ability to manage production requirements and additional projects and responsibilities
  • Covid-19 Vaccination required

Working Conditions:

  • Work performed in a climate controlled office environment.
  • Primarily duties performed in a seated position.
  • Ability to lift up to 41 pounds occasionally. Majority of work falls in a light capacity with most items and products weighing less than 20 pounds.
  • Ability to work at nonadjustable 35 benches and sit in adjustable chairs.
  • Ability to reach up to 24 from body to obtain parts from stock, reach overhead and down low is essential.
  • Frequent handling of parts, although greater than 50% of mechanical assembly can be done with power drill.
  • Frequent downward looking, pinching and gripping.
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