Tower Technician
Job Details
Missoula Montana Office - Missoula, MT
$20.00 Hourly

Full-time, Hourly

Our entry level Tower Technicians start at $20/hr with frequent overtime hours, per diem, and weekly direct deposit pay checks. All travel expenses are covered! We will also provide each employee with their own hotel rooms while traveling.

As a Tower Tech you will be part of a team involved in install, erection, maintenance, repairs, removal, or retrofitting both towers and antenna systems. You will work under various weather conditions throughout the region for all major cellular carriers, utility & wind energy companies.

No tower experience? No problem! We provide all specialized training, and offer many advancement opportunities.

General Responsibilities: 

  • Travel up to three weeks out of town at a time
  • Abide by and follow company policies and procedures
  • Follow company and OSHA safety rules
  • Provide employee required tools
  • Treat company tools and equipment with good care and keeping
  • Operate trucks and equipment in accordance with laws and good keeping
  • Maintain a CDL and a good driving record (must obtain CDL within 3-months of employment paid for by the company)
  • Receive and follow directions of crew chief
  • Assist crew chief in assuring jobs are brought in on time
  • Perform work in a quality and workmanlike manner
  • Maintain an open and friendly demeanor with fellow employees and customers
  • Assist in training new employees as directed
  • Assist in ensuring trucks and equipment are well maintained and organized
  • Participate in daily safety meetings
  • Abide all required Department of Transportation and company drug and alcohol policies
  • Advance within prescribed time frames as part of company Advancement Program
  • Promote company loyalty among fellow employees
  • Contribute your fair share in the daily workload

VIKOR, previously known as Sioux Falls Tower, specializes in commercial tower construction, maintenance and service work for the wireless, broadcast, utility and wind energy industries. With offices in Sioux Falls SD, Rapid City SD, Orem UT and Denver CO, our geographic footprint spans from the Great Plains to the West Coast. However, we dedicate a good share of our resources to projects throughout the United States. 

Company Benefits:

  1. $40/day per-diem while traveling
  2. We pay separate rates for site time, travel time and shop time.
  3. Site Time:  Time spent working on the job site.
  4. Travel Time:  Time spent driving to and from the site.  This also includes time spent checking in and out of hotels.
  5. Shop Time:  Time spent working in the shop, whether the work is for a job or not.
  6. We pay for hotel room and everyone stays in their own room.
  7. We pay for all major national holidays.
  8. We offer vacation pay with a graduating scale based on years of service: 1 week after 1 year, 2 weeks after 3 years, 3 weeks after 5 years, 4 weeks after 10 years
  9. We offer a year end bonus in place of a retirement plan.
  10. We offer major medical health, and dental insurance.
  11. We pay time and a half for overtime. Crews get from 45 to 65 hours per week.
  12. We use company trucks only. You do not have to drive to the job sites in your own vehicle.
  13. We are an employee-oriented company and try our best to take good care of our workers. They are our #1 asset.
  14. We are a leader in the industry and continue to growing throughout the upper Midwest & Mtn Region.
  15. We provide opportunities for advancement within the company for our employees. 

Advancement Opportunities:

  1. We have a defined advancement system that allows real growth similar to apprentice to journeyman.
  2. Start on a six-month probation in which they decide if they like the job and we decide if they are well suited for the job.
  3. Review after six months and advance to T1 then on up to T5