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Job Details

Scottsdale, AZ


The Copywriter plays a pivotal role within the creative department, collaborating seamlessly with the creative team to ideate and craft compelling copy across a diverse range of mediums, including print, broadcast (radio and television), web/digital, social media [including community management support], outdoor, and more. In addition to creating captivating content, the Copywriter also works closely with cross-functional teams such as administration, media, web, and public relations to strategize campaigns, bolster brand development efforts, generate internal documentation, produce engaging social media content, and compose award nominations and additional materials as requested. This role necessitates a penchant for market research, a deep understanding of clients, and the ability to brainstorm innovative ideas, all geared towards delivering exceptional ROI and boosting conversions.


Conceptualization and Collaboration: Work closely and collaboratively with the creative team to brainstorm and develop creative ideas and campaigns.

Research Expertise: Conduct in-depth market research and compile relevant findings for internal and client use, providing valuable insights to inform strategic decisions.

Copywriting: Write and meticulously edit copy for both client projects and internal initiatives, ensuring it aligns with the brand's unique voice and objectives.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with other content strategists to ensure consistency and coherence across all copy-related endeavors.

Client Interaction: Actively participate in client meetings and internal strategy sessions, effectively communicating ideas and adapting copy to address client feedback and goals.

Social media ideation and collaboration: Generate creative ideas and work collaboratively to plan and develop social media content and community management support.



Versatile Writing Skills: Proficiency in various writing styles for different mediums, with a keen sense of when and how to apply them to effectively engage the target audience.

Agency Experience: Previous experience working within a creative team, preferably in an agency environment, to understand the dynamics of collaborative work.

AP Style Mastery: Proficient knowledge of AP style to maintain consistency and professionalism in all written materials.

Exceptional Language Skills: Strong command of grammar, punctuation, and syntax, coupled with excellent research abilities to create well-informed content.

Deadline-Driven: Demonstrated ability to consistently meet or surpass provided copy deadlines, even under pressure and tight timelines.

Passion for Writing: An inherent passion for writing, a willingness to learn, and adaptability in response to rapidly changing priorities.

Composure under Pressure: Ability to remain composed, maintain a sense of humor, and excel in high-pressure situations and tight deadlines.