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Lower School Dean of Students

Job Details

Saint Andrew's School - Boca Raton, FL


About Saint Andrew’s School:

Saint Andrew's School is an independent, co-educational school for grades PK-12, Saint Andrew's is both a day school and a boarding school, educating students from across the United States and throughout the world. As a college preparatory school in the Episcopal tradition, Saint Andrew's welcomes students of all faiths, customs, cultures, and beliefs. "Honor Above All," academic excellence and education in Mind, Body, and Spirit reflect Saint Andrew's experience. We are committed to educating the "whole child" while instilling a dedication to lifelong learning. 


Saint Andrew’s School employees are committed to the mission to provide educational excellence in an inclusive community, fostering lifelong learning and nurturing each individual in mind, body, and spirit in the Episcopal tradition. 


Position Summary:
The Lower School Dean of Students works with the Head of Lower School to support the administration of the school’s academic and personal development programs. As a professional educator, the Dean of Students understands and responds to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population of young people. The Dean of Students provides proactive, visible leadership to engage all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to support each student’s academic achievement and personal and social development. The Dean of Students  advocates and cultivates core values that enhance high expectations, equity, inclusiveness, and social justice and that contribute directly to supporting a positive school climate.

Administrative Responsibilities: 

  • Act as a dedicated administrative liaison, providing support to faculty, administrators, and parents in fostering a positive learning environment for all students. 

  • Facilitate collaborative efforts to encourage students' holistic development in alignment with our mission to nurture each student in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  • Serve as a mentor and consultant to teachers in matters of classroom management, meeting student and parent needs, and general school procedures. 

  • Assist on the Lower School hiring committee and initial support of new teachers with classroom management.

  • Represent the Head of the Lower School and stand in as needed.

Student Behavioral Development and Discipline:

  • Collaborate closely with the Head of Lower School, Lower School Counselor, and/or Director of Wellness to actively contribute to the design and implementation of effective student behavior support systems. Engage in the development of targeted intervention strategies, ensuring a positive and supportive learning environment for all students.

  • Lead the coordination, facilitation, and execution of student disciplinary intervention steps and processes in collaboration with staff, working closely with the Head of Lower School, Lower School Counselor, and/or Director of Wellness, as well as senior leadership, to ensure seamless implementation of effective disciplinary measures aligned with the school's policies and standards.

  • Contribute as a member of the Lower School Student Support Team, actively engaging in collaborative efforts to address the diverse needs of students. Responsibilities include participating in regular meetings with Learning Support instructors, the Director of Learning Support, the Head of the Lower School, the Lower School Counselor, and relevant faculty. Facilitate discussions and strategize interventions for students requiring academic, social-emotional, and/or behavioral support. 

  • Participate in biweekly meetings with Divisional Deans, emphasizing the consistent application of policies and procedures tailored to different age groups. Engage in the review and consultation of discipline issues, manage divisional communication to address areas that can be expanded to meet student needs, and coordinate the development of speaker series with a focus on addressing students' needs and more.

  • Serve as a member of the Equity and Justice Committee. Responsibilities include organizing community events that celebrate diversity and inclusion, engaging with students to foster dialogue on issues of equity and justice, implementing and/or revising policies to support an inclusive climate, supporting students on issues related to equity and justice, promoting experiential educational opportunities that support students’ development of cultural competence and empathy. 

  • Keep the Head of Lower School and LS Counselor informed of student activities and issues in order to develop multi-pronged approaches.

  • Serve as a member of the Student Support Team-meets weekly.

Safety Protocols and Divisional Operations:

  • Take the lead role in overseeing, actively participating in, and supervising the daily arrival and dismissal of students. Collaborate with fellow faculty and staff members to establish and implement effective procedures for the safe arrival and departure of students. This role involves the strategic creation of faculty duties to ensure that assigned areas of the arrival and dismissal process are supervised, maintaining a focus on safety and a smooth operational flow during these critical times.

  • Collaborate with the Director of Safety and Security to oversee emergency preparedness initiatives, both at the Lower School and School-wide levels. Take charge of coordinating safety drills and ensuring the seamless implementation of emergency protocols. Additionally, engage in proactive collaboration with the Director of Safety and Security to enhance safety measures within the school environment, encompassing the secure management of the Lower School perimeter. This includes overseeing exterior doors, visitor management, Department of Children and Families (DCF) student visits, campus traffic flow, parking needs, and addressing related concerns.

  • Coordinate and collaborate with Auxiliary Programs, which is responsible for aftercare, enrichment, and Summer Camp within the LS building. For enrichment and aftercare, actively engage with Auxiliary Programs to address matters related to discipline, physical space utilization, and student needs or background information. For Summer Camp, collaborate closely with Auxiliary Programs to synchronize transitions between the end and start of the school year which includes building and classroom readiness.


  • Collaborate closely with the LS leadership team, Dean of Studies, and department chairs to craft the LS year-long academic schedule for both homeroom and single-subject classes. 

  • Take the lead role in developing and implementing supplementary schedules within the academic year to accommodate daily duty schedules and special events such as the grade-level Lunch Coverage schedule, Faculty Appreciation Day schedule, Lower School Picture Day, and other significant activities, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal utilization of resources.

  • Provide support and supervisor for LS special events (i.e., Performing Arts performances, etc.).

Admissions/Student Placement:

  • Serve as a member of the LS Admissions Committee, actively participating in the comprehensive evaluation process. Key responsibilities involve reading and reviewing application files of prospective students ranging from PK4 through grade 5.

  • Engage in discussions with fellow committee members to provide insightful feedback on each candidate, facilitating informed decision-making regarding admission into the LS,  which requires an understanding of admissions criteria, a commitment to high standards, and a collaborative approach to selecting candidates who align with the school's educational mission and values.

  • Lead committee for student classroom placement.

Additional Responsibilities: 

  • Serve as a member of the Committee on Ethics and Compliance (C.E.C.). Responsibilities of a committee member include actively engaging in the investigation and formulation of recommendations on matters pertaining to employee or supervisor violations of conduct. This involves conducting thorough interviews, reviewing school policies, and ultimately presenting recommendations to the Head of the School based on the outcomes of the investigation. 

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Education: A Master's degree in Education or Educational Leadership is preferred, though a Master’s degree in other areas, particularly counseling, would be an asset and will be considered.

  • Experience: A minimum of 3-5 years experience, preferably both in the classroom and in leadership roles, with administrative experience in an independent elementary school setting strongly preferred. 

  • Technical Skills: Familiarity with Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Apple iOS, and FinalSite are preferred. Advanced skills in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel software. 

  • Soft Skills: Strong interpersonal skills, strong verbal and written communication skills. The ability to work independently and collaboratively. Strong problem-solving and multi-tasking skills.

  • Cultural Competence: Ability to work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and promote a positive work environment.

  • Growth Mindset: Open to feedback, inclined toward lifelong learning, and committed to  continuous professional development.

Physical Demands:  Must be able to sit, stand, walk, bend, lift, and for the majority of the work day. May be required to lift up to 50 lbs.

Saint Andrew’s School is committed to providing equal opportunity in all employment practices without regard to age, gender, race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital or familial status, pregnancy, disability or handicap, genetic information, military status, or any other protected status in accordance with the requirement of all federal, state, and local laws. 


Saint Andrew’s is a drug-free workplace. All employees must successfully maintain an acceptable Level II criminal background check.  Saint Andrew’s School may, in its discretion, modify or adjust the position to meet the school’s changing needs.