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Quality Auditor

Job Details


The Quality Auditor reinforces the principles of the Total Quality Management system and ensures the procedures are being properly followed to ensure the highest level of quality in the product builds and manufacturing operations. Analyzes scope and severity of issues and may make appropriate recommendations. Verifies and confirms Quality Systems divisional compliance with internal and external requirements. Performs audits of certification related documentation, ensuring compliance to all quality management standards, and requirements for the manufacturing of products. Fosters divisional teamwork within a continuous improvement environment.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1. Work independently, with minimal oversight, multi - task.
2. Assignment to other departments and projects as necessary to support manufacturing.
3. Inter-department cross training to develop needed skills.
4. Take direction from and support inter-department tasks.
5. Interface with suppliers & vendors on quality issues & objectives which could include travel (one day) to offsite location with the objective of resolving quality issues.
6. Involved with root cause analysis with recommendations, research, and data.
7. Conducts process compliance and quality management system internal audits per schedule and defined procedures using audit checklists and other documentation tools (standards)

8. Investigate and follow-up on issues observed during internal audits to determine impact
9. Compiles documents, and distributes results of internal audits
10. Works with the functional areas to improve process performance and compliance
11. Works from detailed process sheets, visual aid packages, engineering change orders, production change notices, critical item lists and written instructions
12. Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills, both written and verbal
13. Inspection of incoming raw material and vendor issued parts.
14. Basic understanding of PH, titrations, chemical handing
15. Ensure all packaging and shipping of product meets the standards of the Total Quality Management system


Requirements/or Experience
• Requires knowledge of welding, fabrication, and finishing (powder coat and thermoplastic dip)
• The inspection/audit process will vary widely depending on product, manufacturing/fabrication process and department.
• Accurate functional application of fractions, decimal conversions, angles, distances, metric, and standard systems.
• Accuracy, data recording, record keeping.
• Demonstrate high attention to detail and with a focus on product consistency
• Participate in a continuous improvement activity
• Ability to work with and train diverse groups and organizational levels
• Required experience process auditing

Other Requirements/Skills
This position supports production which encompasses overtime. Working in a multi- faceted – multi environmental manufacturing environment(s). Take direction from several sources, filter assimilate the information to get positive outcome.
Basic use of print reading and use of CAD dwg/ PDF. file. (internal training on CAD will be available).
Accountability for measuring equipment and tools. Pass internal fork - lift training. Dimensional lay out, positions of attachments and assemblies according to specifications, using straightedge, combination square, calipers, rule other measuring instruments.

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