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Production Associate

Job Details

Lawrence, KS
$9.00 Hourly



  1. Perform tasks such as packaging, counting, labeling, collating, and assembling product.
  2. Perform tasks at no Less than 70% with accommodations within 60 days of hire date.
  3. Demonstrate steady and sustainable improvement toward the 70% productivity rate expected by 45 days of employment with or without accommodations.
  4. Produce good quality products.
  5. Follow all agency/plant rules.
  6. Assure compliance with Cottonwood's Rules, Policies, and Procedures.
  7. Help ensure that the work area is safe, clean, and organized.
  8. Comply with production procedures within the work areas as instructed by supervisor.
  9. Fulfil quality and quantity control of work produced in the work areas.
  10. Clock in and out accurately with or without accommodations.
  11. Maintain positive, professional working relationships with consumers, co-workers, supervisors, staff members, parents, and community representatives. Present positive, fair, and accurate image of the organization to the public.
  12. Demonstrate the five and fifty rule—greeting everyone when they are within five feet and smiling when they are within fifty feet.
  13. Collaborate and problem-solve with other interdepartmental staff in a professional manner. Promote team participation and negotiation and follow through with assigned responsibilities.
  14. Communicate accurately, professionally, and appropriately.
  15. Work within prescribed schedule and complete responsibilities in a timely manner. Assure that absences do not adversely affect the timely completion of responsibilities and unduly burden co-workers.
  16. This position will perform other duties within the guidelines of this job description as assigned by the supervisor.



QUALIFICATIONS: Prior production experience is preferred, but not required. The ability to work 30 hours per week at 70% with accommodations is expected. Individuals must have certifiable disabilities that meet the minimum requirements of the AbilityOne Commissions definition of disability. To be eligible for this program an individual must be willing to share disability documentation to establish eligibility for the program. Must be able to pass all required background checks and drug screen.