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Instructor of Film Production and Digital Media

Job Details

New Roads School - Santa Monica, CA
Part Time
4 Year Degree


Classification: Instructor 

Type:   Part-Time 

Work Year: School Year 2024-2025

Reports to: Michelle Bernstein - Chair of Film & Digital Media Dpt

Salary: $12,500


Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Teach three Middle School film production courses (hours may be more or less) 

    • (2 hours) Middle School Video Shorts 

    • (2 hours) Middle School Video Shorts

  • Teach one Upper School Photoshop class (2 hours) *If applicant does not have the ability to teach Photoshop, they should still be encouraged to apply for the film courses. 

  • Responsible for writing some new curriculum.

  • Have a commitment to assisting in the assessment, growth and success of the Film and Digital Media Program.

  • Work cooperatively with the department, faculty and staff throughout the school in striving for educational excellence.

  • General involvement as a faculty member and in assessment of student learning. 

  • Support and continuous quality improvement through participation.


Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Desired Qualification:

  • Film production experience
  • Film teaching experience
  • 2 years prior middle school or high school teaching experience (desired)

Skills and Specifications: 

  • Ability to teach basic fundamentals of filmmaking (screenwriting, producing, cinematography, directing, editing)

  • Tech Savvy:  Strong understanding of filmmaking applications (iMovie, Premiere Pro, Final Cut)

  • Equipment Savvy: Basic understanding of Film equipment (cameras, sound and lighting gear) 

  • Strong collaboration skills

  • Commitment and respect for diversity

  • Understanding of and commitment to the school mission and goals

  • Understanding of and commitment to teaching and motivating middle school and high school students in ways appropriate to their diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

  • Ability to perform all of the essential functions, skills, and specification of the position

  • Demonstrated commitment to professional growth

  • Support and participation in the school’s commitment to continuous improvement

How to apply: Apply by submitting an online application.

Required documents to submit with your application

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter/Letter of Application

Optional Documents

  • Digital Portfolio/Reel/Website


Other Requirements: 

  • Must be able to pass an initial fingerprint and background clearance check and maintain a valid fingerprint clearance card at all times when in the classroom.
  • May be required to lift and carry Film supplies/equipment weighing up to 10lbs.