Job Details
Pearl Road - Cleveland, OH
Full Time
4 Year Degree
Road Warrior
1st Shift


  • Fulfills the Agencys mission by strongly supporting clients in successfully integrating within their community
  • Facilities linkage between the Agency and other community services and providers to strengthen the overall treatment plan
  • Is an integral member of client treatment team, ensuring effective and comprehensive service delivery
  • Works collaboratively to continuously improve services and process
  • Represents the Agency throughout the broad community, promoting public safety and education regarding the mental health consumer and mental illness.
  • Clients experience stability in all major areas of their life, e.g., housing, income, health, and social network
  • Clients successfully achieve treatment plan goals
  • Productive and collaborative working relationships with team, support members, and community agencies and organizations are maintained to successfully deliver service treatment plans
  • Consistently meets service delivery expectations and Agency productivity requirements
  • Clinical and administrative records are timely and accurate
  • Specific core competencies, skills, knowledge, and abilities are defined Agency-wide, are provided upon hire and available on the Agencys Intranet


  • Work with clients to develop treatment plans that maximize independent functioning and productivity.
  • Provide on-going monitoring and support (e.g., coaching, modeling, etc.) in self-care, social integration, skills building and health maintenance. Work to empower clients to make life decisions. Provide client services at the Agency, at the clients home, or at other sites. Direct service is delivered mainly within the community
  • Consult and collaborate with Integrated Care staff to maintain clients optimal physical health
  • Consult and collaborate with psychiatric nursing staff to maintain compliance with psychiatric medical treatment
  • Coordinate client treatment team meetings when additional collaboration is required to maintain clients stability
  • Respond in a timely manner to situations that might threaten a clients continued stability in the community
  • Provide linkage for clients to other community agencies and organizations to provide the range of support services needed. Is an advocate when barriers are encountered
  • Help clients build both formal and informal support networks for assistance with daily living
  • Maintain contact with clients, as prescribed by referral sources, to assess needs, level of functioning, psychiatric stability, and activity levels of treatment plans
  • Complete accurate and concise updates and reviews of individual treatment plans to respond to emerging client needs as needed
  • Ensure documentation and reports are consistent with State, Federal, local Board, and Agency standards and comply with applicable administrative goals
  • Protect clients rights to privacy and confidentiality in the preparation and handling of records, especially in the communication of client information with third parties
  • Adhere to established professional codes of ethics to maintain professional standards and safeguard confidentiality and proper treatment of the client
  • Adhere to Federal and State laws and Agency regulations regarding the treatment of mental health disorders and alcohol and substance abuse
  • Obtain appropriate continuing professional education


  • 18 yrs old
  • Understands crisis response procedures
  • HS diploma & 3+ years direct experience or Bachelors degree
  • Familiar with community mental health system
  • Understands mental illness, symptoms & impact on behaviors
  • Knowledge of de-escalation techniques
  • Can therapeutically engage a mentally ill person
  • Understands how own behavior can impact the behavior of mentally ill
  • Understands concepts of recovery / resiliency
  • Valid OH driver's license, reliable personal transportation & car insurance