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Online Course Facilitator

Job Details

North Charleston - North Charleston, SC
Regular Full-Time
$50,000.00 Salary



Full-Time, Monday-Friday, 7:30AM - 4:30PM

Compensation: Competitive compensation starting from $50,000 

Number of School Days for the School Year: 196

Do you have a passion to work one-on-one with students and help them soar? As a teacher at Learn4Life High School - Charleston, you can encourage, challenge and help students grow in confidence and academics, and graduate high school – no matter their obstacle.


The Learn4Life High School Advantage

Our personalized learning model is what makes Learn4Life High School unique. Our students are at the center of our mission, which means that staff is unified and priorities are set to reach the best outcome for all students. Teachers can make a real difference in a student’s life as they work one-on-one or through small group instruction to help them accomplish their individual goals. Some the other advantages we offer are:

  • Our teachers have a smaller caseload of students – typically 40 students instead of 180.
  • We offer teachers more support with two to three times the number of school counselors, free tutors for their students and labs that supplement their teaching.
  • With the support of Lifelong Learning, an educational services organization, teachers receive all the tools/resources needed to do their job without any personal financial investment.
  • We provide ongoing professional learning, continuing education (subsidized) and career advancement opportunities for teachers throughout the school year.
  • Our teachers have a close relationship with and are supported by their area supervisor/leadership. We empower them to succeed.
  • We offer holiday, vacation and seasonal breaks.


The Online Course Facilitator is responsible for providing course facilitation and supervision of students in a in-person secondary school setting. This position assumes responsibility for all aspects of classroom management, student instructional support, and classroom level technical support. Provides the 
essential conditions for students to be successful in a blended learning classroom where course content is prepared and delivered both synchronously in the online learning management system (LMS). Navigate the LMS effectively to support student learning, implement lesson plans, and provide differentiated strategies to support students. This position reports to the Principal or designee.


RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES:  This list is illustrative only and is not intended to be a comprehensive list of tasks performed by this classification. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

• Demonstrates knowledge of course content, course navigation, and learning management system (LMS) functionality within the online course.
• Assists with technical troubleshooting as applicable for students to access the course content.
• Establishes and communicates clear objectives for all learning activities.
• Facilitates the curriculum of the district to plan and support daily instructional activities.
• Identifies student deficits and provides intervention services to all students based on specific goals and objectives established
• Remains current in best practices for instructional delivery, assessment and behavior management.
• Assesses student learning using multiple tools on an ongoing basis.
• Creates a positive educational climate for students.
• Maintains order within the classroom setting in accordance with school guidelines regarding student behavior management.
• Supervises students in non-classroom time (before school, after school, student activities, and fire drills).
• Tracks, monitors, and reports to student progress in each course, and record grad data in SIS.
• Collaborates with other faculty in planning and delivering instruction to students.
• Communicates regularly with parents, administration, and other staff as needed.
• Incorporates and models appropriate use of technology to support instruction and student learning.
• Ensures compliance with existing applicable federal and state statutes and local policies, regulations and guidelines related to public schools.
• Demonstrates commitment to improving professional competence.
• Performs administrative duties, responsibilities, and activities as assigned. These may be changed or modified from time to time.



• Knowledge of State Teaching and Learning Standards.
• Knowledge of high school credits, graduation requirements, interventions, alternative educational programs, including independent study.
• Knowledge and understanding of Independent Study, Personal Learning, and Distance Learning education models.
• Knowledge of research-based instructional strategies necessary for effective differentiated instruction of all student populations, including students at-risk of academic failure.
• Ability to work effectively with all racial, ethnic, linguistic, disability, and socioeconomic groups.
• Ability to communicate effectively including giving clear and concise instructions, using academic language, and appropriate level of delivery, and listening without bias and providing appropriate feedback/reinforcement.
• Ability to make independent judgements, meet deadlines and maintain accurate records.
• Self-sufficient, strong interpersonal skills, and focused on excellent customer service.


• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
• Valid South Carolina Teaching Certificate or enrollment in a State approved educator preparation program and student teaching.
• Working skill in the use of media and technology to support job functions.
• Must be flexible and willing to adapt to change on short notice, extensive knowledge of the concepts, principles, methodologies and current researched-based practices in the area of secondary education.
• Skilled in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and Online Technology and Applications.


• Mental Demands: high workflow management, high project coordination, high people engagement.
• Finger Dexterity: using primarily just the fingers to make small movements such as typing, picking up small objects, pinching fingers together.
• Talking: especially where one must convey detailed or important instructions or ideas accurately, loudly, or quickly.
• Average Hearing: able to hear average or normal conversations and receive ordinary information.
• Average Visual Abilities: ordinary acuity necessary to prepare or inspect documents, operate office equipment or machinery.
• Frequent multi-tasking, changing of task priorities, repetitious exacting work required.
• Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
• Working in a low to moderate noise environment with frequent deadline pressures.