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Data & Analytics Manager

Job Details

0 Headquarters - New York, NY
Fully Remote
Full Time
$140,000.00 - $190,000.00 Salary/year


Who We Are

Lead by highly successful physician executives with a mission to improve health care quality for underserved populations, Rendr is a primary care driven multi-specialty medical group serving approximately 100,000 patients through its 40 locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.


Job Position: Data & Analytics Manager

Rendr is a highly data-driven organization, and as we move forward, we are seeking a talented senior data analyst to lead our growing team of data analysts. Our ideal candidate combines quantitative skills with a strong personal work-ethic and clear communication skills. This is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving work environment, so candidates must be self-directed and able to manage themselves and the team effectively to meet deadlines and deliver results. The ideal candidate will use their passion for analysis to use data to provide insights into all aspects of the business.



  • Data & Analytics Manager will lead, manage, provide direction, and support the team of Data Analysts
  • Responsible for evaluating each analysts skills to better guide them and decide where each analysts skills will prove most productive for the organization
  • Evaluate large amounts of healthcare data to find meaningful patterns, trends, and relationships
  • Work with the CFO to improve data efficiency, consistency, and transparency across Rendr
  • Communicate the results of data analytics clearly, consistently, and appropriately to both internal and external stakeholders, including:
  • internal financial and utilization data
  • clinical data and extracts from electronic medical records
  • claims data files and clinical reports generated by insurance companies



  • Requires 5 years of experience in working with healthcare-specific datasets (clinical data, billing and collections data, payer claims data) and code-sets (ICD, HCPCS/CPT,LOINC)
  • Expertise with technologies such as R, SAS, SPSS, Tableau, Qlikview with ability to mentor other team members in these technologies is preferred.
  • High Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to function within our rapidly evolving healthcare environment
  • High level of organizational, leadership, interpersonal, and influence management skills
  • Ability to demonstrate good and effective communication and leadership skills
  • Ability to produce understandable and actionable reports from data
  • Requires SQL skills with an emphasis on data architecture and data structure design.
  • Experience working in the healthcare industry required; experience working with health plans or payers or care management is preferred
  • Strong organizational skills and an ability to manage complex tasks and meet deadlines
  • Experience in data visualization packages (Tableau, PowerBI, etc. )
  • Experience in successfully leading, facilitating and participating in multi-disciplinary teams is preferred, but aptitude counts more