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After School Provider

Job Details

After School - Multi Locations - , NY
Part Time
Not Specified
$45.00 - $60.00 Hourly


  • Development of your assigned students’ material/curriculum in conjunction with assigned students IEP goals.
  • Direct implementation of student programs and goals pursuant to the IEP.
  • Data collection and cumulative percentage recordings of each students’ progress.
  • Neat and accurate maintenance of assigned students’ graphs, data sheets, token economy systems, BIP and any other relevant documentation necessary in managing the home program.
  • Application and data collection of behavior management interventions and reinforcement procedures in accordance with each child’s behavior management plan and school policy.
  • Appropriate and professional communication with parents and school staff (case managers) to promote generalization of learned skills and behavior.
  • Evaluate students’ progress and update programming in accordance with written IEP’s and selecting appropriate methods and materials for home instruction.
  • Implementation of BIP and Positive Behavioral Support Plans (PBS) necessitating token economies and including physical management techniques when necessary (i.e. physical prompts, singe person escorts, etc).
  • Follow NSSA guidelines for attendance, professional, dress, and conduct. Cancelled hours are required to be made up by the provider. Hours cancelled by the parent can be made up by providers if their schedule permits and such a time is mutually agreed upon between the parent and the provider.
  • Communicates with families/caregivers/school staff regarding progress and any concerns/questions related to assigned students’ program.
  • Travel to and from clients/students homes with potential for additional travel to extracurricular activities if the students program warrants such (i.e. supporting students with community-based goals, transition-based-goals, social-recreational based goals).