Job Details
Administrative Office - New York, NY
Full Time
High School

The Maintenance Supervisor oversees and coordinates the deployment and functions of the maintenance staff throughout the agency. The Maintenance Supervisor ensures: assignment of work responsibilities; completion of all maintenance activities; support to principals, coordinators, managers, and directors for facility related activities; and the smooth operation of all facility functions throughout the agency.  


  1. Site Maintenance Management in Community Services
    1. Assigns maintenance staff
    2. Establishes coverage
    3. Ensures completion of projects
  2. Manages all aspects of WorxHub in Community Services
  3. Preventative Maintenance Planning
    1. Develops plan for routine maintenance for all sites
    2. Ensures routine maintenance for all sites is completed on scheduled basis
    3. Ensures responses to maintenance requests in Community Services
  4. In conjunction with site management and maintenance workers, ensures compliance with all regulations
          for physical plant, fire safety, and general facility safety.
  5. Develops and provides trainings as necessary for maintenance staff and management staff
  6. In conjunction with site management and QA department, resolves all facility audit deficiencies
  7. Ensures that lead in water testing, lead-based paint testing, paint condition surveys, and mold testing is done in accordance with requirements of NYC DOH or other regulatory agencies.
  8. Participates in Facility-Education(ED)/Community Services (CS) meetings as needed.
  9. Maintains regular communication with directors of Education and Community Services departments.
  10. Provides support to site management during audits and reviews.
  11. Prepares maintenance staff for Certificates of Fitness Testing for F-01, F-07, S-95, and D-20 as necessary.
  12. Responds to all facility emergencies that cannot be handled by maintenance staff.
  13. Provides supervision and performance evaluations for CS maintenance staff.
  14. Provides input to principals regarding performance of ED maintenance staff.
  15. Participates in agency Safety committee, as needed.
  16. Provides other functions and additional support according to agency needs or at the COO’s discretion.  
  17. Collaborates with Administrative Office staff as directed.

Education: High School diploma or equivalent required. Associates' or other college degree preferred.

Experience: 5 years’ experience as maintenance worker in a similar work setting. 1 year experience in a supervisory capacity preferred.

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office skills; ability to learn WorxHub system

Other Requirements:  New York State Driver’s License required

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