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Coordinator - Hourly

Job Details

0145 St Leo Parish - Tacoma, WA
Full Time
$19.00 - $21.50 Hourly


  1. Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Warehouse – 30% time allocation expectation

  • Develop relationships with local food outlets, grocery stores, and other food distributors, for the purpose of securing donated food items
  • Pick up food as needed or available
  • Work with Urban Gleaner/Driver Coordinator to ensure timely pick up of food donations
  • Assist donors with donations and provide accurate receipt to donor and food bank
  • Assist drivers with loading/unloading vehicles   
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment by following food safety regulations
  • Rotate food following FIFO food rotation to maintain freshness of food
  • Collaborate with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure acceptable number of volunteers are available to complete daily tasks
  • Coordinate with Food Bank Coordinator to ensure appropriate amount of food is available for expected food bank needs including Springbrook, Sacred Heart, NE Tacoma Mobile Food Bank, and Pop-up Markets.
  • Before shift begins, ensure facility is open, shift support is in place, and appropriate supplies are available for warehouse needs
  • Schedule/coordinate food drives and other food collection events
  • Create, post, and update as needed facility safety measures

St Leo Food Connection Support – 20% time allocation expectation

Assist Food Bank Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Children’s Feeding Program Coordinator, Urban Gleaner/Driver Coordinator, and Director with the day-to-day operations of St Leo Food Connection as necessary and time allows

Record Keeping – 10% time allocation expectation  

  • Maintain accuracy of inventory database
  • Provide periodic summary reports and analysis
  • Complete and submit necessary reporting on time
  • Weigh all donated food and record accurate weight on food donation receipts
  • Review incoming food receipts for accuracy
  • Update Food Bank Operations Manual as needed
  • Maintain confidentiality of client, volunteer, and community service worker databases


Facility Management – 10% time allocation expectation

  • Ensure safety, maintenance, and cleanliness of site
  • Maintain file of temperature logs for warehouse freezers and coolers
  • Record and post temps daily for warehouse freezers and coolers
  • Maintain cleaning and maintenance schedule for major equipment
  • Train volunteers on proper and safe use of equipment and maintain certifications as required
  • Ensure warehouse, vehicles, exterior areas, parking lots, and restrooms are clean.
  • Close and secure facility at end of shift

Volunteer Management and Development – 10% time allocation expectation

  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, schedule, and train volunteers to assist in warehouse operations
  • Train volunteers on proper food handling techniques; perform safety checks every week to ensure proper techniques are being followed
  • Train volunteers to safely use warehouse equipment
  • Supervise, coach, counsel volunteers as needed
  • In coordination with the Volunteer Coordinator, create an effective system for recognizing volunteers at least annually
  • Provide regular volunteer staff meetings, events, and /or recognition

Customer Service – 5% time allocation expectation

  • Greet and assist all donors in a timely manner
  • Handle customer service/donor issues with diplomacy. When issues occur, provide a response within three days of complaint to customer/donor
  • Talk with donors/customers/volunteers daily to gather feedback

Professional Development – 5% time allocation expectation

  • Participate in appropriate workshops, conferences, and community meetings related to food banks and administration, and maintain current required certifications
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings

Public Relations – 5% time allocation expectation

  • Seek out opportunities to give presentations to community groups and organizations such as community gatherings, fairs, service clubs, businesses, churches, professional organizations

Other duties as assigned – 5% time allocation expectation