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Membership Specialist

Job Details

Full Time
Health Care



The Membership Specialist performs all aspects of Membership, which includes front and back-office operations, screening and applying members for benefits, general scheduling, enrollment and registration, maintenance of member data in the electronic health record, and maintaining the general state of, and member flow through, the front lobby and immediate property.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performs several front and back-office functions that are related to appointments, insurance verifications, collection of fees, and providing member training on use of Kiosks.
  2. Performs several customer service functions related to maintaining the lobby and front office areas and ensuring members receive a positive customer service experience while waiting.
  3. Performs several medical records functions related to the maintenance of members records and processing of requests for records.
  4. Performs several functions related to member benefits that ensure that members insurance information is current, they are eligible for the requested service, and assisting with the screening or application of state funded benefits.
  5. Performs several registration functions that ensure a members record is opened and ready for clinical services to begin and gathering pertinent information, releases, and identifications.
  6. Performs several telephonic, scheduling, and resource functions that ensure callers are routed to the appropriate contacts, messages are documented according to protocol, or providing general information regarding available resources within the community.
  7. Assisting in the quality management process by facilitating the dissemination of information aimed at collecting satisfaction data or issue resolution.
  8. Works collaboratively with all levels of staff to ensure effective Membership operations.
  9. Performs other duties as assigned in keeping with the growth and general responsibilities of the position.

Additional Essential Duties and Responsibilities Membership Technician

  1. Performs integrated healthcare assessment and annual updates.
  2. Assist and support members to follow through on prescribed medical interventions and diagnostic testing.
  3. Assesses and addresses barriers to health.
  4. Offers guidance and education related to members individual needs
  5. Connects members to resources within CODAC and the community to address identified health concerns.



Membership Specialist

  • High school diploma or equivalent, AND combination of training and experience equivalent to 1 year of work history that demonstrates progressively increased responsibility, AND combination of training and experience equivalent to 1 year using electronic data systems OR
  • Completion of related Certification or Associate's degree may substitute for the required experience.

Membership Technician

  • Masters or Bachelors degree in a healthcare field and no related experience OR;
  • Masters or Bachelors degree in a nonhealthcare related field and 1 year relevant related experience OR;
  • Associates degree in a healthcare field and 1 year related experience OR;
  • Associates degree in a nonhealthcare field and 2 years related experience OR;
  • Certified Peer Support Specialist and 2 years related experience
  • High School diploma or General Education Equivalent (GED and 4 years related experience.
  • Is an Arizona Licensed Registered Nurse OR;
  • Is an Arizona Licensed Physicians Assistant who is not working as a medical practitioner;


  • Bilingual skills a plus.
  • Use of Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, and Outlook.


  • CPR and First Aid obtained no later than the first 60 days from hire.

Preferred Certifications

  • Fingerprint Clearance obtained no later than the first 90 days from hire.


  • Familiarity with a variety of computer software used for researching, tracking, data entry/processing, and reporting information, i.e. AHCCCS Online, Excel, Word, Access and various statistical or graphics programs.
  • Knowledge of administrative procedures, office equipment, and principals for providing excellent customer service.
  • Knowledge of electronic health systems, records standards, and current statutes pertaining to protected health information while maintaining confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA and other privacy regulations.
  • Knowledge of AHCCCS, insurance benefits, and determination of eligibility and/or enrollment.
  • Ability to maintain professional appearance, demeanor, and working relationships with staff, members, visitors, and the community at large.
  • Ability to apply tactful, adaptable, and professional communication skills with a variety of personalities, cultures, and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to evaluate facts or situations to determine appropriate actions and resolve complex aspects of Membership operations.
  • Ability multi-task, anticipate workflow, plan and prioritize while working with frequent interruptions in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team to coordinate and make decisions, follow-through with all tasks, and escalate crisis situations to the appropriate staff.
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