Staff Physician
Job Details
Full Time
Graduate Degree
Health Care

The Staff Physician provides clinical case management support to staff providers and interfaces with management to provide clinical input on the development and implementation of policies and procedures. S/he provides primary and family planning care to SBFHC patients and performs duties that include, but are not limited to, the following:


Clinical Case Management

  • Meet with staff providers on an on-going, regular basis to discuss clinical concerns and opportunities for care improvement.
  • Complete a weekly summary sheet of Case Management meetings for incorporation in SBFHC’s quality assurance program.
  • Provide as-needed consultation support to staff providers on issues relating to health care delivery.


Interface with Management

  • Participate in management team meetings and provide input on general operational issues so as to improve the quality of health care delivery.


Direct Patient Care

  • Perform patient assessment, physical examinations, order/perform necessary laboratory and diagnostic tests, proficiency testing, prescribe and dispense medications in compliance with SBFHC established medical protocols.
  • Strictly adhere to universal precautions as established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, DHS/OA and SBFHC.
  • Demonstrate complete discretion when discussing patient information; adhere to strict standards regarding patient confidentiality, informed consent and disclosure as required by HIPAA, California law and agency policy.
  • Participate in monthly peer review/chart audit program.
  • Complete documentation of client/patient findings and recommendations at the end of each visit according to established protocols.
  • Complete clinical portion of diagnostic referral form and attach to medical record upon completion of patient visit.
  • Document services provided on the superbill at the completion of each visit and attach form to the medical record.
  • Maintain awareness of current clinical treatment and information in assigned area.
  • Return/resolve patient phone calls within 48 hours of receipt and notes action taken in medical record.
  • Perform patient care responsibilities in accordance with the appointment schedule. Inform Director of Clinical Operations when unforeseen issues occur and prevent the provision of timely patient care.
  • Review and sign all diagnostic test reports. Note action taken on abnormal studies in designated area in the medical record.
  • Manage client prescription refills on assigned day.
  • Participate in staff/student practitioner training and inform support staff of clinical practice updates.
  • Participate in staff meetings.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience – Valid license in state of California with no pending or previous disciplinary action from any state licensing entity; board certified in specialty; current DEA licensure; current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.


Knowledge – Of state-of-the-art medical scientific and treatment methods in area of specialty, awareness of current medical, educational and psychosocial intervention procedures.


Ability - To perform clinical responsibilities within the organization’s established guidelines in a organized, efficient manner; ability to relate and communicate well to all cultural and ethnic groups in the community; ability to work within a team setting and with volunteers; ability to support the goals of the organization; ability to be flexible with work schedules and sites; bilingual preferred.


Note: This description indicates in general terms the type and level of work performed and responsibilities held by the employee(s). Duties described are not to be interpreted as being all-inclusive.