Editor, New Atlanticist
Job Details
Atlantic Council Headquarters - Washington, DC

The Atlantic Council seeks a motivated, talented, and creative editor. The Editor will help oversee, define, and expand the Atlantic Council’s flagship section and newsletter, New Atlanticist, as well as help edit and shape other top editorial initiatives and write on occasion for the New Atlanticist and newsletters such as the Council’s new Fast Thinking alerts.


The Editor will draw on experience in editing, writing, and editorial production to improve the quality and expand the reach of the Council’s editorial work across a variety of platforms (website, email, social media, etc.), engaging both internal Council experts and external writers and editors to create unique, compelling, relevant, and influential content on the global issues central to the Council’s work.


The Editor will also be expected to help develop editorial strategy, implement editorial innovations, and provide editing and writing support for the overall Editorial team. The ideal candidate will be a skillful, seasoned editor and writer—with substantial experience working in journalism and media or think tanks, especially in international affairs. The Editor will report to the Managing Editor.



Job Responsibilities

  • Anchor and develop the Atlantic Council’s flagship section, New Atlanticist.
  • Edit short- and medium-form content to a high standard, removing errors, improving quality, creating professional copy consistent with the Council’s style and standards, and maximizing impact.
  • Be a main point of leadership for editorial standards and quality, including style, and for coordinating editorial work across the Council and its various sections.
  • Help develop the Atlantic Council’s ability to rapidly respond to events in the world with editorial work infused with the top-notch foreign-policy knowledge of our network of experts, and make sure the organization is relevant to the news cycle at speed and at scale.
  • Help to create and define the voice of the Council.
  • Write short-form pieces for the Council based on input from staff and fellows, Council events, and news and developments in world affairs.
  • Help to develop and track metrics and measure the impact of the Council’s editorial work through detailed analytics reports.
  • Work with not just the Managing Editor and editorial team, but also the Vice President of Communications, the Digital team, and the Media Relations team on overall communications strategy and delivery to maximize the Atlantic Council’s visibility.
  • Other tasks as assigned.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Journalism, Communications, International Relations, or a related field.
  • Approximately 4-7 years of relevant work experience in journalism, media, international policy, and/or communications.
  • Excellent editing and writing skills with experience editing, writing, and distributing news analysis, op-eds, commentary, essays, and features.
  • Experience with WordPress or other equivalent industry-standard web-publishing platforms, writing and publishing for the web, and social media promotion and distribution.
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills, and the ability to cope with ambiguity and manage multiple priorities.
  • An understanding of think-tank work and the Washington, DC policy environment.
  • Experience working with policy experts to facilitate the expression of their subject-matter expertise to both niche and broad public audiences.
  • Demonstrated initiative and ability to work well with a team in a dynamic environment.
  • Demonstrated interest in and knowledge of international affairs and a commitment to the mission and goals of the Atlantic Council.
  • Knowledge of media workflow, organization, tools, and tactics, along with experience in creating new editorial products and managing multiple product lines.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and metrics software or other systems preferred.
  • Experience in global media environments preferred.



About the Atlantic Council


Working Together to Secure the Future. Renewing the Atlantic Community for Global Challenges.


The Atlantic Council promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community’s central role in meeting global challenges. Founded in 1961, the Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century by informing and galvanizing its uniquely influential network of global leaders. Through the papers we write, the ideas we promote, and the communities we convene, the Council shapes policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world.


Over the past decade, the Council has enjoyed remarkable growth in public impact, policy influence, and income. The Council has succeeded on the basis of a strategy which embraces a mission focused on the Council’s core of transatlantic partnership and applies it to top US foreign policy priorities: renewing the Atlantic Community for global challenges.


The Council’s mission has three components: fostering US-European cooperation, tackling global challenges together, and building communities of influence. At the same time, the Council has placed the concept of relevance at the heart of its programming and research. The Council’s model is to recruit intellectual entrepreneurs to lead our work, execute programs aimed at shaping policy, build communities of influence around ideas, aggregate best knowledge, and serve as a home base in Washington for Europeans and global partners.